June 25, 2020
CFCE Daily Activities and Resources
Dear CFCE Families,

It's time to start planning summer adventures! What better way to start than having a picnic. Below you will find some stories,songs,and activities to get you started. If you are ready to start to socialize again pick a family you know and trust and have a socially distant picnic. Even 6 feet apart you can plan a lot of fun! This is also pollinanator week so be kind to bees. Look below for some ways you can help bees!

Remember to check our Facebook page . We are posting tips and activities every day. And as always, check our CFCE Calendar. We are posting this email in addition to adding new LIVE ZOOM EVENTS and VIDEO-TAPINGS!

Ms. Marsha and the entire CFCE Staff .
4 Summer Safety Tips:

*** Stay Hydrated.
The most essential tip to
surviving summer heat is to stay hydrated! It's recommended to drink water every 20 minutes when outside. ...
*** Be Aware of Poisonous Plants . Leaves of three, let them be! ...
*** Stay Protected in the Sun.
Sunshine is one of the best things about summer! ...
*** Beware of Bugs .
Bugs love summertime too.

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CFCE LIVE Zoom Events
(please follow links below or visit our Calendar for all registration info)
Mondays - Join CFCE for Zoom Chat and Play! ( Interactive Support Group for Parents ... and a little something for the children!)
Ms.Marsha, CFCE Specialist and Susan West, LPN, Family Education Specialist at BID-Plymouth Hospital and Active Parenting Coordinator are teaming up to provide this Zoom Interactive Support Group for Parents. Each group will start with songs and a story. Parents can then choose from several suggested activities their children can do independently while the grown ups chat!
Mondays - Science Discovery Time

Every Monday at 10:30 AM join Ms. Jen and Ms. Gina for Science Discovery Time ( excluding holidays).  We will learn something new about the world of science and discover how fun it can be, all on Zoom.
Tuesdays - Music and Movement
Will Begin Again on July 7th
Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM join Ms. Marsha for Music and Movement. Let's sing,dance and move with joy in our own homes! Join this Zoom event with Ms. Marsha as we move music and movement to a virtual space. Grab your shakers and drums (you can use a pan and a spoon for drum if you do not have one!)
Thursdays - Toddler Story & Songs

WIll Begin again on July 9th
Every Thursday at 10:30 AM join Ms. Marsha LIVE on Zoom for Toddler Story and Song Time. We will sing a few songs and have a short story. This activity is designed for toddlers. It will last less than 30 minutes.
Fridays - Friday Story and Craft Group
Every Friday at 11:00 AM join Ms. Marsha LIVE on Zoom for stories, songs and a craft!!. This preschool group meets each Friday to listen to stories, sing songs, and complete simple crafts based on a theme. Please email Ms.Marsha at mwright@selfhelpinc.org if you want to join the fun!!

This is for School-Age Kids and Parents to Enjoy Together at home,in their community and OUTDOORS!!!  You MUST REGISTER, by emailing ccarver@selfhelpinc.org , to participate-once you register with parent's name, child's name(s), address and email you will automatically receive the activities twice a month.....thank you!!!

These at-home activities will be two alphabet letter activities each month- starting in July. After you receive the monthly email directions for each letter, have a great time doing the activity together- creating great opportunities for you and your child(ren) to have some FUN, quality time together!!!
Make sure you check out our  Calendar Every Week,  to see all of the  NEW fun adventures Miss Carol, and all of the CFCE Staff have for you!!  Some include:  Miss Carol's " Grandma Glasses" Story FUN!!!,   Ms. Karen's See You Later Alligator ,   Playful Watchdog,  Storywalk- Move Your Mood and MORE!!!
Parent Corner
b.This W This Week is Pollinator Week !

Why care about the Bees?
 Globally there are more honey  bees  than other types of bee and pollinating insects,  so  it is the world's most  important  pollinator of food crops. It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by  bees , but also by other insects, birds and bats.
Bees  are very  important  for our ecosystem and for agriculture. They play a crucial role in pollinating flowers. Pollination is the way in which the male part of a flower reaches the female part so that a new plant can grow. For this reason  bees  are very  important  for us. Click on the Bee to find ways you can help!
This Wee 
Parent Information and Resources
Many families are having a rough go of it during the Covid-19 Virus. Some have lost their job, some are on unemployment or their hours have been reduced. Here at CFCE we often depend on the Cradles to Crayons Program to help us help families with clothing and basic necessities for their children. If you are one of those families, click the link below to complete a Cradles to Crayons application for clothing. Cradles is currently closed due to COVID-19, so please be patient. As soon as CFCE receives word from Cradles to Crayons, that they are accepting new applications, we will submit your's and we will contact you!
The ASQ Program is a parent reporting questionnaire that gives you insight on how your child is doing developmentally! You do not need to have concerns, it’s just a great tool to see where your child excels or may need some support!  Everyone that participates receives a
FREE Children’s Book! 
**Please click this link for more information http://selfhelpcpc.org/our-programs/asq/      
** If you would like to participate this is the only thing you need to complete (the consent form) to get started!! click on the link below: https://www.cognitoforms.com/SelfHelpInc1/ASQ3ASQSECONSENTFORM

Self Help Inc is open for business,   CLICK HERE   to see what services we can provide you! If we can't provide it, we will help you find another agency who can!! You can always email:   info@selfhelpinc.org
The Self Help Inc. Head Start Program is now taking applications for the FALL! For more information on the Head Start Program, CLICK HERE . Or to submit an application, please follow the links below.

Food Resources
Are you concerned about keeping food on the table due to job loss or illness, or are you just interested in getting some more information? Self Help Inc. can answer any questions you may have about the SNAP Program, and we can help you apply right over the phone! These are stressful times, let us help.  Please call 508-588-0447 x1807 or email:  snap@selfhelpinc.org
WIC Programs are open, and ALL NUTRITION APPOINTMENTS WILL BE DONE BY PHONE ONLY.  New families to the WIC program should locate the  closest WIC office  to you to request an appointment by phone. If families cannot get through another option is the state online link to apply online:    https://www.mass.gov/forms/apply-for-wic-online

The Hockomack YMCA Sites are doing food distribution at many of their sites! PLEASE CLICK HERE or the image for location and information
Food Bank Listings  (please make sure you call or email, as their hours and processes during COVID-19 may be altered)
Toddler Book
Infant/Toddler Actvities
Summer weather is finally here! It is a great time to put on some sunscreen and go outside. There is so much your baby can learn simply by being outside. Here are some simple ideas to make outside time the best!

  • Take of your babies shoes and socks and let them feel the grass beneath thier feet!
  • Find other textures they can touch such as sand, dirt, tree bark, flowers, and leaves.
  • Sit under a shady tree and share a book! Books are great anywhere!
  • Help you baby notice the sounds of the birds, the sprinkler, the breeze through the tree.
  • blow bubbles and have your baby grab at them with thier hands.
  • Fill a small container with water and let them splash and play.
  • Spread out a blanket and bring some of your babies toys outside and let them play in the fresh air.

Outdoor Art Activties for Toddlers

Summer is a great time to do those messy art activities outside. Here are a few simple ideas for outside art projects

Rolling Pin Art:
Materials needed:
  • butcher paper or large pieces of paper
  • rolling pin
  • cookies sheet
  • paint

  1. lay out the paper on a flat area like your driveway -use rocks around the edges to secure it. (you could also use a picnic table)
  2. Squirt paint onto the cookie sheet
  3. Have yu child roll the rolling pin in the paint and then use the rolling pin to paint the paper.
Spray Art
This activity only requires a few things and the kids love it!

  • spray bottles (4+ spray bottles makes it more fun, I only had 2 and that worked fine as well)
  • liquid watercolors (you could also just dilute washable paint)
  • water
  • large piece of paper (I used a roll of easel paper, you could also use large foam board)
  • something to hold down the paper (if you are on a hard surface you could use painters tape, or we just used shoes on our grass)
  • towel (just in case kids start sprayig themsleves)

Here's What to do:
  1. Roll out and secure the paper
  2. Give your child a spray bottle and let them create.
Plan a Teddy Bear Picinc

Teddy Bear or stuffed friend
snacks and drinks.

Have your toddler help pack up your snacks. Find the perfect spot in your yard,spread out your blanket and have some fun! You can listen to the song below to get in the spirit! Don't foget to pack a few good books. If it is the right kind of day teach your toddler how to find pictures in the clouds!
Preschool Activities
Freda Plans a Picnic

This is a great story about planning a picnic. One nice feature of this book is it reinforces vocabulary and sequencing. At the end of the story there are some questions you can discuss with your child. Then plan your own picnic!

It wouldn't be a picnic without ants!

Click on the video before a delightful song about 5 ants who joined a picnic!
Watermelon Fan

Here is a great craft to help you keep cool!

You will need:
  • Paper plates
  • Jumbo craft stick
  • Acrylic craft paint: green, pink, light pink, black
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue

Here's What to do:
  1. Cut a V-shape from the paper plate to create a watermelon wedge.
  2. Paint the craft stick and the rim of the paper plate green.
  3. Paint the center of the plate pink.
  4. Use light pink to add a border between the green and pink paint on the paper plate.
  5. Use the handle end of a large paintbrush dipped in black paint to dot on the seeds.
  6. When everything is dry, use white craft glue to attach the craft stick to the back of the paper plate.
Peanut Picnic Ants
* please be aware this craft uses peanuts!

You will need:
  • peanut shells
  • black paint
  • paint brush
  • paper
  • markers or paint

Here's what to do:
  1. paint peanut shells with black paint.
  2. While shells are drying, make a picnic blanket out of construction paper.
  3. draw or cut out a peice of watermelon from a magazine
  4. glue water melon slice to picnic blanket.
  5. glue dried shells across your picture to make it look like ants are marcing accross your watermelon.
School Age Activities
Featured Story:
Please Please the Bees

This week is Pollinator's week. A week where we think about how to protect and care for bees. Check out this story about a Bear who takes advantage of the bees.

Click on the link bleow to
get your copy of
the Pollinator's Activity Book

Cilck on the video below for more information about bees!

Ice Cream Cone Fruit Cups

A great additon to any picnic! Have the children help cut the fruit and assemble their treat!

  • Fresh Fruit (strawberries, mango, pineapple, blueberries, kiwi and grapes)
  • Whipped Topping
  • Waffle Ice Cream Bowls, Waffle Ice Cream Cones

Cut your fruit in bite size pieces. Fill the Waffle Ice Cream Bowls with the fresh fruit, add a dollop of whipped topping and garnish with a strawberry. Or for another creative idea serve the fruit in Waffle Ice Cream Cones, even the pickiest kid won’t be able to refuse this sweet treat!
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NEW STIMULUS CHECK INFO!  If you haven't filed taxes in the last 2 years,   CLICK HERE  to update your bank account information for your Stimulus Check
Make sure EVERY MA Community has the funding and resources it needs for the NEXT 10 YEARS!!!!

Tax Day Now July 15
On March 20, 2020, Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin announced that Tax Day has been moved from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties, regardless of the amount owed.
The Treasury Secretary encouraged taxpayers who might have a tax refund to file now to receive your refund.
FREE Online Tax Filing Options (simple returns)
***The Self Help Inc. VITA program is currently suspended, but we are working on a file upload system, so we can prepare your taxes over the phone. Check our    WEBSITE    for all updates
COVID-19 Information and Resources
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