July 2018 e-news
Delivering a World of Health and Hope .
We had another amazing month here at SOS headquarters full of good work and good people. After recovering from Bourbon + Band Aids and Independence Day, we are right back in the swing of things. We sent out three more containers full of Health and Hope to Ecuador, Peru and Haiti as well as working with our dedicated volunteer groups to keep the wheels turning.
Happy Anniversary!
This Saturday, July 21, marks the official 25th anniversary of Supplies Over Seas. Originally a program of the Greater Louisville Medical Society, Supplies Over Seas became an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2010. For 25 years, SOS has collected several thousand tons of medical supplies and equipment and responsibly redistributed them to medically under-served communities in Louisville and 102 countries across the globe. Want to celebrate our past and hear our plans for the future? Schedule a tour with us by emailing admin@suppliesoverseas.org!
Upcoming Events
We have two upcoming events in Louisville where you can support Supplies Over Seas and the humanitarian work we do!
Gander: An American Grill has been kind enough to offer us a percentage of their sales on Tuesday July 31st from 11am-10pm . If you've been looking for a reason to eat a great meal and support your favorite nonprofit, now is your chance! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates.
If you attended Bourbon + Band Aids, you saw the necklace Kendra Scott designed for our silent auction. Now we have taken our partnership to the next level! On August 22nd 6pm-8pm , 20% of sales at their Oxmoor location will go directly to SOS. Stay tuned for updates and start thinking of that special someone to buy for!
Container Shipments
We had another busy month sending out supplies to clinics throughout the Americas. We worked with Medical Ministry International to get medical equipment to Arequipa, Peru and My Daily Armor to send a container to Jacmel, Haiti. Both organizations have incredible stories and are improving the quality of life and medical care of everyone involved.
Medical Ministry International, our partner for this container shipment, is a non-profit in Arequipa, Peru that organizes short term medical mission trips throughout the southern Peru. They also administer medical services year round focusing on physical therapy, dental care and optometry. The container we sent was focused on physical therapy and mobility equipment such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs. We also sent therapy mats for the physical therapy clinic in Arequipa.
Manuela, the director of the PT team, evaluates a child with down syndrome.
Clinic founder Jodee Fortner delivers a wheelchair while on a medical project in Peru.
Another container we sent this month is bound for the Damou Medical Clinic in Jacmel, Haiti. We worked with My Daily Armor, a humanitarian relief organization, to send a container full of surgical equipment along with laboratory and neonatal supplies. We featured this container on our Facebook page because the team at My Daily Armor bought an x-ray machine to be sent to the Damou Medical Clinic along with all of the supplies. When the founder of My Daily Armor, Scott Goldbach, first went to Jacmel and heard stories of children waiting days for an x-ray, he vowed to never let that happen again.
Scot Goldbach standing with the x-ray machine bound for Damou Medical Clinic in Jacmel, Haiti.
The Damou Medical Clinic team and My Daily Armor founders at SOS headquarters.
We will keep you posted with pictures and stories from both of these containers as soon as they arrive at their destination!
Stories from the SOS family
If you keep up with our social media, then you know we never stop here at SOS. This month we featured Faith Lemon who loaded up two suitcases full of supplies for an organization named Pazapa in Jacmel, Haiti.

Pazapa is an inclusive school and clinic that works with disabled children to ensure they receive proper medical care, education and family support. Specializing in treatable disabilities such as clubfoot and epilepsy, they work to improve quality of life for children who would not normally be able to receive specialized medical care. The supplies we sent to Pazapa will assist in surgeries and general medical care for hundreds of kids in Jacmel.

Students in Pazapa’s School for the Deaf who were at the school for July’s art camp. The hand gesture (thumb, forefinger and pinky raised) that many of them are making means “I love you” in sign language.
Shaina Georges and her mother, Clermaude. Shaina was at the Center for followup care with Pazapa staff after a recent corrective surgery.
To learn more about our Hand Carry Program for you next trip overseas, click here .
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We could not do the work we do without our volunteers. Whether it's volunteer hours for school or you just want to lend your abilities to Supplies Over Seas, we would love to have you! We will take groups or individuals and can find a time that is convenient for you.

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