Rapid Eye Leadership Immersion...
Mission Statement
In Joyous Gratitude
with a Spirit of Change, Acceptance and
Unconditional Love;
We honor the journey of
the past, embrace the opportunities of the present,
and create the possibilities
of a limitless future.

  • Experience success and how to create it.

  • Generate Prosperity with Purpose.

  • Become skilled at navigating through obstacles quickly, and release blockages from the past.

  • Learn leadership, facilitation skills, and conflict resolution.
  • Gain new friends, new connections, and a conscious community. End the issues between masculine and feminine.

  • Learn positive expression through art and music. Attend a concert by Shawn Gallaway--2017 World Global Peace Award winner for his awesome song, I Choose Love.

  • Experience world-class facilitators, Lynell Beckstrom and Shawn Gallaway.
Location and Logisitics
Souls with Stamina is held once a year on the beautiful 6-acre Rapid Eye Institute property. You are welcome to come camp on the grounds, throw a blow-up bed in the RET Institute, stay in your RV or stay in a local hotel and drive in everyday. The Institute address is 3748 74th Ave., SE, Salem, OR 97317.

Date: July 21-28, 2018
Time: 9 am to 6 pm daily

Attendance for all 8 days is mandatory.

$1500 first time attenders
$450 returning attenders or Alchemist Graduates
All fees paid to Lynell Beckstrom. Payment Plans available. Please do not let money be the reason you do not attend--contact Lynell.

Questions? Ready to Register?
Call/Text Lynell at 801-856-1631, email: RETLynellB@icloud.com.

Things to Bring:
~Campers - Everything you would need to camp. It does get chilly at night in Oregon. Plan to layer clothing and prepare for rain and/or hot weather; bring hats, sunscreen, etc. You will need outdoor footwear.
~RVs welcome
~Bring all personal items including a towel, your own toiletries, and snacks to share. You will need extra money for food. Plan to bring what it would cost you to eat at home for 8 days. Most budget for $100-$150.
~There will be talented healers and artists here, aura pictures, massage therapists, BEST practitioners, etc., you may want extra funds to experience everything being offered.
Especially for Rapid Eye Technicians
As Rapid Eye Technology has grown, many technicians as well as their friends and family have communicated their desire to move fully into their confidence and power. In order to supercharge and lift our Skills for Life and our Continuing Education Programs to the next level, the creation of our RET Leadership Immersion...SOULS WITH STAMINA (SWS) Course was born. In our groundbreaking first year (2015), we had a learning curve, but in the end a precedence of excellence prevailed and every year has been a complete success.

All Rapid Eye Technicians will have a break-out session to update RET skills and tools. You will receive two-years worth of Continuing Education (CEU's) for attending SWS.

Whether you are a Rapid Eye Technician or not, come join this conscious community and move into your magnificence. It is through leadership skills that we are able to "stand on a hill and let our light so shine!" The Universe always rewards those who go for it ! Please bring your family and friends (ages 16-116) as this is for everyone and is a very bonding experience. The Souls With Stamina community has ignited the fire of JOY into every imaginable arena. Come join us for 8 days of loving personal growth experiences where you get to know YOU better, and team building exercises that teach you how to show up more fully in your world with enthusiasm, leadership, and creation. SWS will shake up your body, mind, and spirit to your next level of consciousness!

You will also meet world-class healers from many different modalities, and artists who are healing through expression. You many want to have some personal sessions in the evenings with the talented and gifted people that you meet here.
Your Cool Facilitators
Lynell Beckstrom is a Master RET Trainer from The Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon since 1993. She is a Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor (2000) and a Human Relations Transformational Facilitator for over 25 years. She has been in private practice with Rapid Eye Technology for 28 years. Lynell is a Reiki Master Teacher, an herbalist, an aromatherapist, and skilled in many healing modalities. She has owned and operated her own healing center in Utah. Her love is Spiritual Coaching, which she is able to do in all arenas. She began the Souls With Stamina (SWS) Leadership Immersion in 2015 to assist individuals to maximize their human potential. Her SWS Leadership Course has become a passion for her and she loves seeing the growth that comes when participants choose into their own dreams. She is committed to creating an enlightened healthy life.
Shawn Gallaway is a singer/song writer, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator and energy worker. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his message of healing through the arts, and branding Transformational Music, which is music with a purpose to awaken the collective heart of humanity to Love! His "I Choose Love" song won the Global World Peace Song Award in 2017. Shawn has shared the stage with authors Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Robert Holden, and with rock and pop masters Orleans & Friends. Shawn has also had the high honor of being present for the showing of his "I Choose Love" music video during the bestowing of the 2009 International Freedom Award by the National Civil Rights Museum to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. World and social change leaders like Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and activist Archbishop Emeritus Desmund Tutu have also embraced his song. Shawn currently resides in Nashville, TN and continues to tour and share his passion for healing through the arts and transformational music all over the world. To date, Shawn has six CD's, two DVD's and a screenplay to his credit. Shawn facilitated with Lynell at the 2017 Souls class and loved the course. He is returning this year as her co-facilitator and they make a dynamic team in the healing of masculine and feminine energies.
Souls With Stamina is a high impact leadership program built for everyone who wants to feel successful in their lives. This is not just a class, this is an experience. I love that it had something for my mind, body, and spirit. Too many places in life we get used to doing the same thing over and over, and wonder why we never experience anything new. If you give yourself this experience you can expect new opportunities to open for you. I believe in this program so much because it has helped me to understand my calling in life. I now own a successful business making an impact on this planet, and have experienced so much joy. I have learned skills and tools to navigate the parts of my life that are less than ideal, because I invested in myself and took the time to learn from the community of souls who were also interested in building their stamina. I could speak endlessly on all of the benefits, but if you are reading this it is because you are being called to be a part of something bigger than yourself. If you enroll in this experience and say YES to yourself, you will have the opportunity to make an impact in your life. Thank you Lynell!! What would I have ever done without your influence in my life?!
~Hollie Trumbature, Colorado Springs, CO
Everyone knows the strength of a committed community. Imagine delving deep into your own personal growth with the support of a loving community while you develop deep lasting relationships as you support their transformation. Lynell had a dream of building community. I wonder, sometimes that if, at the time, she even realized what a major impact it would be in all of our lives for the better, in and out of Souls With Stamina. Personally, Souls with Stamina gives me new insights into myself each year. A large caring group focused on growth provided me the opportunity to test and question my own intuition. It was strange and life-changing to learn I could trust my internal impressions. The Empathic test I recently took revealed I am an extreme empath. It is a hard way to live, feeling so deeply for everyone and every things pain or injustice that I see or hear. I basically thought something was wrong with me for having such intense feelings. Somehow, through the processes in Souls, I realized that instead of feeling like a freak, it is okay to care on every level. That self-acceptance alone made a world of difference in how I relate with myself, life just got easier on a core level. I thank and love my Souls with Stamina Family for assisting me in finding and accepting myself. Through out the year I dream and crave the days we will be together again. I encourage everyone to experience the healing, growth and love offered in this uniquely one of a kind experience. I love Souls with Stamina.
~Chandra Renfroe, Grants Pass, OR
Souls With Stamina is a brilliant, life-changing, practical leadership program that can help effect real, permanent positive change in your life. I deeply connected with other amazing human beings throughout the 8 days, had a blast, TOTALLY pushed my boundaries and did scary things in a safe, supportive environment! I learned and practiced skills that I still use in my day-to-day life months after the event was over, and I am still reaping the benefits (as are those around me, I’m sure!).
~Jessica Tateishi, Burns, OR
Souls With Stamina retreats are some of the most amazing experiences of my life! I am forever grateful to Lynell Beckstrom and the Souls With Stamina family that is ever increasing, and all inclusive. I love the changes I have noticed in myself – more confidence, increased self-love, sense of belonging, and increased capacity to love others, to name a few. My cup of gratitude and love is over-flowing! Souls With Stamina is one of the best investments I have made in myself ever! Looking forward to more growth and transformation, and meeting more new friends this year and many years to come.
~Melanie Shipley, Mapleton, UT
Souls With Stamina is not just a training, its a community where there is no judgment. It's a safe and supportive place to unload all of our false beliefs and emotional baggage. I accomplished more self-improvement in 8 days there, then I could working for months by myself. By staying on the site property, sharing meals and our life for 8 days together, there is a synergistic effect. The energy levels compound and grow more powerful day by day. By the end of Souls, I was truly transformed into a different person.
~Chris Shipley, Mapleton, UT
After attending my first Souls with Stamina (SWS) course, I left a different person than when I arrived. I can say that of any leadership course that I’ve attended and I have attended several; SWS is different; it cuts right to the heart. Meaning it gets to the core principles of leadership, not the leadership traits studied in other courses but personal traits and the effect they have on leadership. It identifies the leadership style based on personality traits by engaging interactive workshops and thought provoking group sessions. It also aids in understanding the reason and purpose of leading from the heart as opposed from a book, or a uniform, a position, or a status. Souls with Stamina teaches the art of leadership by searching core beliefs and directing those beliefs into a reason why I want to be a leader and who I am that I should be a leader--it teaches being a leader from the heart. The moments of self-reflection built into the curriculum have instilled in me a desire to be me, not a mold of a position. I have found through successful completion of this course, I can BE more successful at influencing others by being myself, rather than by trying to fit into a stereotype of attempting to influence others. SWS is worth the time and investment if for only the self-defining portion of the training. I recommend SWS to anyone who wants to improve themselves in any area of their life. The worse thing that could be gained is the strong bonds of friendships that are formed that will last a lifetime.
~Robert Andrew, St. George, UT
Souls With Stamina is a great experience to take risks, stretching your self to experience new challenges. I had a lot fun and met new awesome people! The food was great also.
~Sue Fagin, Salem, OR
Souls with Stamina is something you will remember for the rest of your life. You will meet people just like you, and make strong connections with others and yourself. SWS helps you find yourself. Everyone at SWS is your support system, and you are theirs. One of the single best experiences of my life.
~Jonathan Andrew, St. George, UT
Souls with Stamina is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done in my life! It made me feel so honored for who I really am, and at the same time stretched me to do things out of my comfort zone and really grow, in a safe and supportive environment. Being a part of this group for the week long training is something I often reflect on as the place I feel truly connected with others. The days are full of activities, as well as quieter reflective moments. One of my favorite things about SWS is the general narrative of accountability for oneself. It is not all “talking about your feelings, your past, or your stuff”, it's more about taking action, dissolving the barriers that hold us back from acting through our authentic self. Coming together with this community, this family, our hearts were healed. If you would be better with real feedback on the real you, go to SWS. It's not harsh, but it's not sugar coated either. Lynell Beckstrom was born to do this work. She is a natural facilitator and helped to enroll me in my own life! SWS catapulted me into my next level of growth. I am now able to do my passion without being paralyzed by fear and insecurity. And the relationships in my life are deeper and more meaningful. And I am a better person to the people I love. I am forever grateful that this course exists, and I hope that my friends and family will continue to attend and get to what is the next level of growth and healing for them.
~Jenifer Zink, Portland, OR
Souls With Stamina is a must for learning about your true authentic self.  In 8 days you can discover more of who you are and how to navigate your journey in this life with joy and peace.   SWS helps you pick up tools for communication, self worth, compassion, strengths, and so much more.  The time at SWS is gentle and intense, full of love, new friends, stretching of self, and great community.  It is a great time for growing and learning.  I am thankful for having had the opportunity to participate in SWS.  It is for anyone wanting to get more out of life.
~Eileen Mairs, Ontario, OR
I have attended souls with stamina for two years in a row. Each time is been a life-changing experience in which I have learned a lot about myself as well as the people that share this world with me. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get out side of the comfort zone to grow In a safe a friendly environment. It also gave me the chance to show-up in leadership roles and I have learned I am a powerful, strong, creative man--I have tools and skills to teach my sons!
~David Lucchetti , St. George, UT
My life has a tendency to be a such a radically shifting experience that I often do not to notice the subtler shifts in energy that account for it all. At the Souls event, the energetic shifts are unmistakable. My advice, if you want change, change everything. And Souls changes everything. Prepare for a ride.
~John Anchors, Kennewick, WA
What have I gotten out of my experience with Souls With Stamina you ask? Souls has given me a wonderful new family, that supports me and my ongoing growth, and stands with me when the going gets tough. SWS Gives me the space to step far beyond my comfort zone, participate, and do things I was terrified that I could not do. Souls With Stamina opened my heart to tremendous love, and given me the space to just be! What more could one possibly ask for? WOW!
~Warren Page, Oakland, CA
I love Souls With Stamina! I have been in the health & healing fields since 1977 and experienced hundreds of healing and personal excellence retreats, Souls With Stamina stands out! In these 8 days, I experienced deep reflection, inner healing and awareness, unconditional love and support-personally and within the group.  I appreciate Lynell Beckstrom's leadership throughout. Her presence and sensitivity to the group assures transformation and soul growth for each and everyone present. Give yourself the gift of this 8 day retreat. Play full on and enjoy the journey!  
~Cheryl A. Phillips, Mesa, AZ
SWS is one of the most transformational courses I've been through!
~Sara Kunz, Ontario, OR
When I came to Lynell's courses, I was a little girl… troubled, confused, misguided. I've come a long way to blossom into the woman I've become. This "Leadership Course" is the tip of the ice berg and a very broad term for what is really going on beneath the surface. Inside mountains are moving, skies are clearing, people are growing in love. We are a community and we are united in our common unity. These people are real. They don't need to know you to love you, to walk in your shoes, and to hold you up when you fall down. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margret Mead Be embraced, be connected, be heard, be loved one hug, or a thousand hugs at a time.
~Crystal Ashton, Salt Lake City, UT
What did we get from attending SOULS WITH STAMINA?
We walked away feeling like we had a refreshed look on life.
We made many deep lasting relationships that have lasted for years.
The group we were in left us with a lifelong impact of team work.
We found the tools to save and strengthen our marriage.
We learned to surrender and accept help, kindness, & support from others.
We learned how important we are in this world, how we impact each other for the positive or negative, and that really does impacts others.
We feel so much stronger speaking our authentic truth to others and to a group.
We feel much more like leaders and no longer followers.
We now understand that we are not alone and can ask for help with life’s journey.
The best part is you can attend again and again for a very low price for a tune up and all the new items introduced. Yaaaa!!!
~Chris & Patty McEwen, Kelseyville, CA
My challenges began hours before arriving at Souls. Small comments threw me into a spiral of challenge. I wanted to learn and grow. I wanted to face my past. But so much more than I expected was going to be tested. I arrived at the RET Institute in Oregon in the evening to find a tent with blow-up mattress complete with bedding awaiting. Pretty great start for my new adversary! The following 8 days challenged me to the core. More difficult obstacles have faced me, and my strong desire to become more alchemistic facilitated my growth, but SWS, led by Lynell's confident, patient, challenging, and loving guidance, helped me delve into my psyche and beyond in astounding ways. SWS is not for everybody; not for overly proud or stubborn people; not for closed-minded or small thinkers. SWS  is  for introspective, positive growth oriented individuals; those who have reached a point where change is not just necessary but mandatory; where growth and willingness to sever ties with the baggage of one's past has arrived. The challenges that began hours before arrival ended up being obstacles within myself. Lynell simply facilitated me in seeing them. SWS is the name of a door that you can open enabling a new journey of personal growth. You must decide for yourself if you're willing to open that door.
~Kevin P. Mayhew, Salt Lake City, UT
Souls is a rewarding experience of growth and awareness. I attended Soul With Stamina last year and had a wonderful time. In those 8 days I was given many opportunities to look deeper within myself to rediscover who I am and what I want from life. I was able to connect with loved ones from the past and make connections with new loved ones. SWS gave me the opportunity to practice BEING the leader that I know I am. This class is well worth the time commitment.
~Deb Spendlove, Logan, UT
Navigating the waters of a complex world has been terrifying at times. Each time I participate in Souls With Stamina, I am reminded that my life matters. I return to 'the default world' with new skills, tools, and friends to support my journey as I explore the diversity of my fellow travelers on the planet while attempting to leave a positive and loving impact with my life experiences.
~Cullen Frandsen, Oakland CA
Committing to attend Souls With Stamina was one of the best choices in my life. I cherish being a part of this community. Lynell and her staff are skilled at supporting your growth in surprising and innovative ways. I whole heartedly recommend this program to anyone who yearns to grow and connect with people on a deeper level. At the end of Souls With Stamina 2017, I knew, without doubt, that every single person in that room had my back. That was something I had never experienced in my lifetime.
~Tawnya Jorgenson, Albany, OR
If you're looking for a door, a window, or a path that leads you to a healthier life and a healthier mind, come attend Souls With Stamina Leadership Course. I found my voice and learned to have healthier relationships by learning and using SWS tools. I also learned to understand my own story, I learned to teach myself worth, integrity, and self love. My experience with SWS has not only broadened my mind and soul, but the way I treat and love people. If your needing a community that you can be you and grow, come to Souls and start your new beginnings. It changed my life and my family's and helped us to finally be the best for each other and our community! Thank you Souls With Stamina Leadership Course for changing my life, so I can be the best me!!!
~Lisa Oakley, Sedona, AZ
During my professional life, I have worked with people who were seeking individual wellness and positive Skills for Life. Though I previously assumed that I had learned how to process through my own life's controversies, I discovered that I indeed had not. During the SWS seminar, the things I learned about myself were pivotal to discovering and working through my repressed emotional mysteries. The SWS experience as a whole was incredible! Each exercise seamlessly led into the next. Every detail from the campfires at night to sleeping on the property, to the program during the day brought beauty and continuity. One of the most amazing aspects of this seminar was that everything seemed to be customized to my individual needs and learning style--and all who attended felt the same way! SWS was more than worth the investment. It changed my life and you cannot put a price on that! Thank you Lynell!
~Sandi Hoffman, Newburg, OR
I would like to thank you, Lynell, for creating "RET Leadership Immersion...Souls With Stamina". I have attended Souls the last 2 years. For me, each year has given me skills and tools to assist me in my life. I am probably one of the oldest to attend. I am 81 years young. When life gives me challenges, like a couple of days ago when my younger brother died, I know that I have a wonderful SWS family who send me love and comfort besides the skills and tools that I already have. I like to see the many teenagers and young people, both male and female, who are learning that they are in charge of their life and to create the miracles that they are looking for and know that anything is possible. It is wonderful to see how many of my SWS family come back each year. There is a powerful bond of unconditional love that we all share. Thank You Again Lynell! I Love You for BEING part of my life journey!
~Geraldine Lyons, St. George, UT
Are you looking for something way different than anything you have ever done to stretch you, to take you and your life to a new and more positive level? Then SOULS with Stamina is for you. Love surrounds you and the light of so many expands you. You won't be the same in a very good way.
~Bridget Megna, Forney, TX
I attended the first SWS in 2015. Seminars such as this provide good grounds for shattering old "be LIE f's" and for me--opening new territory in my life and provides a safe space to embrace this intense spiritual process. The attendees "campused" together on the Rapid Eye Institute Campus, a beautiful 6 acres to enhance the process. A blend of lecture and experiential's brought the new lessons home to my body. I allowed myself to be triggered so I could learn how to clear old patterns and respond in a more compatible manner. Feelings that welled up inside from simple things like trusting a stranger to keep me safe, impatience with myself for not being as young or pretty or creative as I used to be, and allowing something new and peaceful to fill that space. The intense learning's I gained were accompanied by laughter and music. Just today, I was remembering a huge awareness from that time: The difference between LISTENING and HEARING. Each have a different vibration. Our class that year struggled between HEARING the instructions to the processes and LISTENING to what was being said. Instructions that were important for the experiential outcome had to be repeated because people could not HEAR what was being said even though they were LISTENING. It created chaos and took time away from the experience itself because the connection seemed broken--great learning. Today, I was having the experience of not feeling HEARD. I remembered that "aha" from SWS. I then imagined my speaking vibration to match LISTENing and watched as they lined up. I then LISTENed to what was being said to me and HEARD what the speaker was actually saying, not what I thought they were saying. Made for a peaceful exchange and an unexpected outcome of satisfaction rather than argument. Lynell is an excellent facilitator and she thoughtfully gathers assistants to guide the group as individuals gain personal insight. Each day builds on the last. It is a grand opportunity to take your process to the next level. In these turbulent times, RET Leadership Immersion...Souls With Stamina is a great place to obtain Skills and Tools to guide us.
~Laurie Solisz, Baker City, OR
"No person, place, thing, or event
has the power to knock me out of my

Thank you Rapid Eye Technology!