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Aug. 20-Sept. 2, 2022 - 10 Lyons Plains Road Westport, CT 06880 - Phone: 203.227.7205
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We return to our regular weekly SOUNDINGS starting September 2, 2022
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Every Saturday: Brown bag lunch donations to support John Street Outreach. Drop off Saturdays noon- 4:00 PM. Sign up HERE; contact David Vita to learn more.
Talking Circle
Following our first congregational Talking Circle held last spring which was created to provide a qualitative deep listening experience, our Pastoral Care facilitators committed to having follow up sessions. One will be held Saturday, August 20 from 9:30 AM-12:15 PM on ZOOM. If you would like to attend this session, please send an email to Jim Francek to RSVP and receive the ZOOM link.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Pastoral Care Leadership Team:
Rev. Jim Francek 719-534-3338
Tom Hearne 203-531-6226
Ravi Sankar 203-241-5400
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Our last two summer worship services are as announced below. Note these services are in person only with recordings made available later. Childcare is provided.

Note that Rev. John Morehouse will return to the pulpit on Sunday, September 4 for our annual Water Communion Sunday. September 11 will be our Homecoming service, and after worship on September 25 we'll have EXPO 22.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2022 - 10:00 AM
palms holding a heart
Generosity is something we often judge as wise or fool hardy. Most faiths have teachings about generosity - specifically generosity to the church in the form of tithing. There are many other religious teachings about generosity. This sermon will examine the difference of generosity from heart, head or faith.

Rev. Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn will be leading our service. A lifelong Unitarian Universalist, she has served as a Parish Minister, Religious Educator, Hospice Chaplain and Hospital Chaplain. Rev. Silberman-Burn is a full-time chaplain with New England Hospice and quarter time Assistant Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Greater Springfield. She is the author of chapters in Everyday Spiritual Practice and Living a Call. She and her husband Ken live in their forever home, a cabin in the woods of Western Massachusetts.

Click HERE for the Order of Service.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2022 - 10:00 AM
jumping over a chasm
overcoming trauma
Our service will be led by Ijeoma Okwuosa,
LADC, LPC, Executive Director, NOW Counseling Services LLC, NOW in and Manager of Health Promotion Advocacy, Bridgeport Hospital.

Ijeoma will be discussing how to live life through Covid Epidemic, Gun violence (Wars) and Socio-Economic uncertainty, and finding ground in a groundless world through vivifying actions.

Ijeoma has over 15 years of experience working with health systems in creating and maintaining State award-winning programs that identify and direct individuals needing housing, food, mental health and substance abuse treatment and/or primary health care to appropriate levels of care, before their symptoms become acute and limiting to their functioning in our society. Ijoma manages staff at Bridgeport Hospital Emergency Department and consults with Emergency Crisis staff in developing appropriate treatment dispositions for persons with substance abuse and/or dual diagnosis issues, while working with community providers as a catalyst for the development of adequate support systems for individuals in community.

Click HERE for the Order of Service
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Rising K - 4th grade children are invited to join us this summer in the West Wing [to the left as you enter the building] 10:00 AM-11:00 AM each Sunday, as parents and caregivers attend the service in the sanctuary.

Come have fun learning about our UU Principles, follow our adopted Sea Turtles and explore Mindfulness! Bring your friends to church and if they have children, this is a great way to learn about Unitarian Universalism and the world.

Stay tuned for any changes via the church calendar posted on the website. Reach out to Dr. Heather Hamilton for info.

Children of all other ages - younger than K (with their caregivers) and older than 4th grades - are always welcome to join the adults in the sanctuary and be part of our worship service.
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UU Meditation & Mindfulness, 9:00 AM Sundays.
For place & details contact Janet Luongo.
2022 Tag Sale CLOSED
Another successful Tag Sale is put to rest! All the leftovers have been responsibly recycled (Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Goodwill, library book sales, refugee apartments), and all the workers have put up their feet.

Through the generosity of our members and neighbors who donated goods, we made nearly $13,000! Along the way we garnered the admiration and gratitude of the hundreds of shoppers who came and appreciated our organization and friendliness.

It took a village! For a list of workers and donors CLICK HERE.
YOU BELONG by Bob Ziller
During our July 24 service, Carrie McEvoy led us through an exploration of being a faith that is bound together not by creed or dogma, but rather through covenant. As she explained, we are bound by covenant, each to each and each to all, by what theologian Rebecca Parker calls “freely chosen and life-sustaining interdependence.”

In breakout groups we explored the experience of belonging, and the group qualities that helped us feel we belonged. Some responses were: “acknowledged and at ease;” “part of a team with a shared purpose;” “active listening;” “accepted, not judged;” “smiles; eye contact;” “nurturing;" "safety;” "our gifts were seen and valued;” “group guidelines;” “comfort and joy;” “focus on others - not just talking about ourselves.”

This very meaningful topic will be explored further in September by Rev. John.
Our Music Committee is delighted to present a Choral WASH, the first one ever offered in Westport! It is a journey in sound in which music is used as the means to travel .... Audience members are invited to put on blindfolds, lie down on yoga mats, and experience music as it washes over and through them. Choral Chameleon, one of the premier New York choral groups, will sing several pieces and between selections, professional sound therapists will offer short improvisations.

For more information, contact our Minister of Music, Rev. Ed Thompson. Space is limited to 45 people. There will be a small number of chairs available for those who are not able to use a mat. Tickets are $40; purchase in advance only; no at-the-door ticket sales. For tickets CLICK HERE. Doors open at 6:30 PM with the program beginning at 7:30.

Requirements: please bring a yoga mat or something to lie on as well as eye covering and a pillow (if desired). This event is designed for adults or teens with parental accompaniment.
Voices Cafe
Voices Café is thrilled to introduce our diverse Fall lineup: The Black Feathers return on October 1, we have a BRAND NEW FAMILY EVENT on November 5, and Holiday JAZZ on December 3!! Mark your calendars! For more information, go to
We are so grateful for the volunteers who help make the music happen and encourage you to join us this season, your help matters!
Volunteering is a great way to connect in community, support social justice causes AND feel inspired through music, so add your strength to the power of song and social justice… join our volunteer troupe! Email Chair Dave Caplan or talk to a Committee member: Brian Connelly, Kim Fuchs, Jon Gage, Peggy Gormley, Tom Hearne, Jenny Klein, Bruce McNair, Gian Morresi, Carole Prescott. 
Mondays: 6-7:30 PM via ZOOM Buddhist Practice Group Nina Nagy Let Nina know you are attending.Teachings offered on a donation basis. 

Wednesdays: 7-8:15 PM The Power of Now Bob Bevacqua

Thursdays: 4 PM Talking Circles. ZOOM HEREJim Francek.

Fridays: Last Fridays 7:30 PM UU Movie Group. ZOOM Dorothy Rich

Saturdays: 12:00 noon- 4 PM John Street Bag Lunch Drop Off David Vita

Sundays: 9 AM UU Meditation & Mindfulness for place & details Janet Luongo

The Hiking Group Sundays in July and August at Sherwood Island 8AM Jamie Forbes Gian Morresi
Our complete calendar is always on our website. Click HERE for quick access
TUCWomen A place for sisterhood intimacy and deeper connections
All women welcome at all events; visit our website for complete info. 
Questions? Contact
  • Meet new friends and connect with old ones. Come to the TUCWomen Summer Potlucks, Potluck Beach Party at Sherwood Island, Friday, August 19.

  • And then, Friday, September 16th at Sudha Sankar's house. For further information, contact
Our sermons are archived on the website HERE.

"The Art of Slow"

Rev. Terri Pahucki

SUMMER SERVICE - Aug. 14, 2022

"Ignite Creativity to Defend Democracy"
Janet Luongo, David Vita, and leaders of UUtheVote and TUCWomen/BLM. Special guest artist, Darcy Hicks

SUMMER SERVICE - Aug. 7, 2022

“What’s in a Name? By another name would our rose smell as sweet?”

The Naming Committee

SUMMER SERVICE – July 17, 2022
Domestic Violence Crisis Center (DVCC)- 24Hr 888–774–2900
Alcoholics Anonymous: 866-783-7712
Al-Anon (family members of alcoholics)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255
If you are going through a challenging time or know somebody in the congregation who needs support from our Pastoral Care Chaplains, call to leave a confidential message in the PCA voice mailbox 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or email
Our support network is available to provide tangible help for friends in need: meal delivery, pharmacy runs, grocery shopping, a regular phone call of connection. Contact a minister or coordinators Dorothy Rich,or Diane Cano,
For individuals or families of our congregation seeking confidential support or information about addiction issues. Please contact our Addiction Recovery Ministry by calling 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or emailing
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The Unitarian Church in Westport is a diverse and welcoming religious community, free of creed and dogma, and open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 
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