December 9-13, 2019 - 10 Lyons Plains Road Westport, CT 06880 - Phone: 203.227.7205
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It's that time of year again when we turn to others in need. We all have competing demands on our generosity, but we hope you'll consider giving a donation to TUCW this December. Whether we call it #GivingTuesday, The Holiday Appeal or End of Year Donation, it's the same thing: helping others who need our help to help themselves.

Click HERE to make a donation. There is no gift too small. Thank you for your support.
Every year our youth present a Christmas Pageant; it's one of the highlights of our holiday season.

There is room for all children 7-13, and this year there are several openings for solos.

First rehearsal is this Thursday night, Dec. 12, 5-6 PM.

Rehearsals Thursdays Dec 12 and 19; Sun Dec 22 and Tues Dec 24. For more information or to view the schedule please CLICK HERE. Or reach out to Rev. Ed Thompson 203-227-7205 ext.18 or
Congregational Holiday Party/Potluck - Sat. Dec. 14
Mark your calendar! Saturday, December 14, our annual holiday pot-luck and carol sing will happen. The schedule is:
• 5:00 to 6:00 - constructing gingerbread houses
• 6:00 to 7:00 - potluck dinner
• 7:00 to 8:00 - sing-along carols

Anyone can come to sing the carols without doing the potluck. Just show up by 7:00. If you intend to participate in the potluck, please CLICK HERE. For more information, contact Rev. Ed. - To help make the gingerbread in advance, contact Rev. Shelly
Rev. Ed Thompson will once again run the annual SIGHT-SINGING CLASSES for those interested in improving their skills in reading music. This class is free, however, it is necessary to sign up. 

Email Ed at, or call 203-227-7205 ext.18 or speak directly with him. 

The schedule this year will be: January 4, 11, 18, 25 and February 8 and 15. All classes run from 9:30 to 11:00 on Saturdays.
A preview of coming attractions! Our Special Projects Choir will be singing a gorgeous piece written - words and music - by our very own Rev. Ed Thompson next Sunday December 15 at the 11:00 AM service holiday concert. Journey of Light is a work for violin, harp, tin whistle, uillean pipes, organ, bodhran, choir and soloists, and will make for a festive holiday celebration. See you there!
The Music Committee will be selling Tune My Heart to Sing, a CD with music of the maestro sung by our choirs. This year we will have both physical ( Tune My Heart to Sing and Love is the Spirit) CDs available and the option of the downloadable mp3 version!!! It is a great way to spread some happiness with friends, relatives, family. This year we are selling them at an all time low of $10 each. That is 19 pieces of music for a mere $10. Can't go wrong. All proceeds from the sale of these will go toward the production of a volume of 'sacred' jazz music. This project has been in the wings for a while and we are waiting to collect enough funds to make it a reality. Click HERE to get yours today!
For those interested in participating in the Christmas Eve Choir, please be in touch with Ed Thompson to sign on. or 203-227-7205 ext.18.The schedule will be this:

19 - Thursday - 7:30 rehearsal
22 - Sunday - 3:00 rehearsal
23 - Monday - 7:30 rehearsal
24 - Tuesday - 8:00 warm-up; 9:00 candlelight service
All women are welcome at all events.
Women, Spirit and Imagination - Sacred Circles with Grandmother Nancy Andry. Tuesday December 10 - 7:00 - 8:30 PM - in the Meeting House

Grandmother Nancy is an elder and storyteller. She will be sharing a few stories during the evening and will lead a talking circle.
Learn more about Grandmother Nancy and our Sacred Circle HERE.

RSVP for events by email:

Learn about more upcoming events at
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Holiday Boutique
One More Day - Next Sunday (December 15) - after each service
Come to find a special gift or wonderful treasures for yourself.
There will be NEW items for sale. 
So, even if you filled your basket on December 8, come back!
Beautiful jewelry and elegant scarves.  
You won't want to miss this annual event.
Science & Religion: Speculations, Hypotheses and Assertions Concerning Interrelationships- West Wing - Fri. Dec 13th 6:30 PM
Religion and science are each at different respective crossroads today. Religion in the United States played a major role in everyday life and culture up to the Civil War and has been dropping in importance since World War II: materialism is ascendant. Science faces a fundamental crisis: after five hundred years of progress, it has become clear that only 5% of the universe consisting of matter/energy has been studied, while 95% is unknown. Is there some possible linkage that would rejuvenate and link both science and religion? CLICK HERE for more information.
These opportunities for learning and connection are ongoing and offered in November and December. Visit Adult Faith Formation on our website or email leaders as listed below.
Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM Meeting House Buddhist Practice Group Let Nina know you are attending.Teachings offered on a donation basis.

Wednesdays 7-8:15 PM. Meeting House The Power of Now

Monthly, various dates and times. Small group ministry meetings . These must be signed-up for ahead of time as they depend on host availability, group size etc.
Spiritual practice and faith exploration take place at church, and outside TUCW walls as we lead our daily lives. At TUCW we draw on  Soul Matters , among other resources, to help guide us in this process. See  Soulful Home  - Supporting Families as They Explore the Sacred in Everyday Spaces
Playing Games with Awe: Awesomely Impossible Illusions
The human body is amazing! We can do some pretty cool stuff. But sometimes our bodies can surprise us by behaving in unexpected ways. CLICK HERE to check out these online, interactive optical illusions, which include brief explanations for why they work.
Child care is provided for Sunday Services and on an as needed basis for other events. Organizers of events should contact  Nate Pawelek  to arrange child care.
Sat Dec 7
ARM - EW - 12:00
Voices Cafe - Sanctuary - 8:00

Sun Dec 8
Holiday Boutique - EW - after each service
Meditation - Willow Room - 10:00
OWL - OWL Room - 10:00
OWL Parents - YR - 10:00
PreK-7th - start doewnstairs - 11:00
9th-12th Youth Group - YR - 11:00
Climate Change - Sanctuary - 12:30

Mon Dec 9
Buddhist Practice Group - MH - 6:30
Bell Choir at 6:45 pm
NVC Practice Group - WW - 7:00

Tues Dec 10
TUCWomen’s Workshops - MH - 6:30
SURJ Fairfield County - WW - 7:00

Wed Dec 11
Domestic Violence Task Force - EW - 12:30
Teen Choir - 6:00
The Power of Now - MH - 7:00
COM - Rev. John's office - 7:30

Thur Dec 12
Pageant Rehearsal - 5:00
Membership Team - EW - 7:30
Special Projects Choir - 7:45

Fri Dec 13
Adult Faith Formation: Science & Religion - WW - 6:30
Sat Dec 14
Concert Service Dress Rehearsal - Sanctuary - 10:00
Pastoral Care Chaplains - MH - 1:00
Holiday Party/Potluck - 4:30
Sun Dec 15
Holiday Boutique - EW - after both services
Meditation - Willow Room - 10:00
OWL - OWL Room - 10:00
OWL Parents - YR - 10:00
2nd-3rd Grade - Pine Room – 11:00
4th-7th Grade – MH – 11:00
9th-12th Youth Group - YR - 11:00
Mon Dec 16
Buddhist Practice Group - MH - 6:30
Bell Choir at 6:45 pm
O&AS – 7:45
Tues Dec 17
Gender Equity Team - WW - 10:00
BOT - EW - 7:00
Wed Dec 18
Teen Choir - 6:00
NVC - EW - 7:00
Stewardship - WW - 7:00
The Power of Now - MH - 7:00
Chamber Choir - 7:45
Thur Dec 19
Pageant Rehearsal- 5:00
Finance Committee - WW – 6:00
Christmas Eve Choir – 7:30
Fri Dec 20
Small Group Steering Com - WW - 11:30
Shawl Ministry - MH - 12:30
Blue Christmas - Sanctuary - 7:00

If you are going through a challenging time or know somebody in the congregation who needs support from our Pastoral Care Chaplains, call to leave a confidential message in the PCA voice mailbox 203.227.7205 ext. 19 or email .

CLICK HERE  to learn more about our Pastoral Care Associates.
For individuals or families of our congregation seeking confidential support or information about addiction issues...  please contact our Addiction Recovery Ministry by calling 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or emailing .

For a complete listing of all upcoming activities, see our church calendar. Click here.

The Unitarian Church in Westport is a diverse and welcoming religious community, free of creed and dogma, and open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 
  WE INSPIRE  and support individual spiritual growth. 
 WE CONNECT  through worship, music, learning, and caring ministries. 
  WE ACT  in the service of peace and justice.