October 19-23, 2020 - 10 Lyons Plains Road Westport, CT 06880 - Phone: 203.227.7205
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Each week we will showcase one of our EXPO virtual exhibits. This week we share a message from our Hiking Group. Enjoy!

Remember, EXPO 2020 is on the homepage of our website, or you can click to see it HERE .
The new normal will heavily involve technology, and we have been hard at work these last few months to help our congregation CONNECT in these unprecedented times. But we want to do more.
The Stewardship Committee is launching a targeted campaign that will run from October 11 through November 8, to enhance our live-streaming capabilities for our Church so that we can better CONNECT with each other. Our goal is $10,000, to help fund new required technology such as updated cameras in the Sanctuary, improved routers and WiFi equipment, and new listening devices for hard-of-hearing congregants.
To give, go to vop.tucw.org and put in the NOTES section: CONNECT October Gift. Or send the church a check with CONNECT October Gift in the memo line.
Thank you. Your generous gifts will help TUCW become the symbol of integrated physical and digital worship.
Good News!! Beardsley School has been open 5 days a week since Sept. 8 for in-person learning! Although volunteers are are not allowed in the building, the School Volunteer Association (SVA) has been working to help us utilize the district's communications platform, Microsoft Teams, to read to the classrooms: we can be at home, and read to both the students in their classrooms, and also those students linked in from home.

We are grateful for this opportunity to continue our interactions with Beardsley students and teachers. Please contact Jamie Forbes or Anita Pfluger if you are interested in using this new 2020 version of reading to Beardsley children. Read more HERE for complete info re reading. For overall Beardsley video click HERE.
The election is only 16 days away! Contact Janet Luongo or Beth Cliff for info on what YOU can do to help at this critical time. Priority now is phone-banking, texting, and providing targeted financial support. For helpful Resources and Hotlinks: click HERE.
Bottom line - membership is all about belonging, community, relationships and helping facilitate those connections for new and existing members. It’s about caring for one another on this faith journey that we travel together and inviting others to join us. Is this for you? If so, let’s talk.

Contact David Vita. 203.227.7205 x14
The Board of Trustees ("BOT") meets every third Tuesday of the month. Minutes can always be found here.

At the September meeting, the BOT discussed and agreed on two priority ends for this church year:

  • “We become a sustainable, engaged, growing Congregation comprised of all generations.”
  • “We live out our commitment to promoting social justice causes, especially racial justice and gender equity.”

The Board meets again this coming Tuesday, October 20.
Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM via ZOOM Buddhist Practice Group Nina Nagy Let Nina know you are attending.Teachings offered on a donation basis.

Tuesdays, 6-7 PM. Living Progressive Values in a Polarized Election Season This week: Public Convictions and Private Behaviors ZOOM HERE Rev. John

Wednesdays 7-8:15 PM. The Power of Now Jim Francek

Wednesday PMs. Times vary. UU the Vote ZOOM HERE Beth Cliff Janet Luongo

Wednesdays 7-9 PM Is Mysticism Where Science and Religion Meet? Bart Stuck

Thursdays, 4-5 PM Talking Circles. ZOOM HEREJim Francek

Fridays 12-1 PM Awakenings ZOOM HERE David Vita

Sundays 10:00-10:45. Meditation Janet Luongo

1st Saturday and 3rd Wednesday of the month 9:30 AM. TUCW Hiking Group Gian Moressi Jamie Forbes
Our complete calendar is always on our website. Click HERE for quick access.
All women welcome at all events; visit our website for complete info.
ZOOM Information for All TUCWomen Gatherings: Meeting room: HERE ID: xxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxx. Landline: xxxxxxxxx
  • Tapping Circles Every Monday in the month of October - 7:00–8:30 PM
  • Sacred Circles with Grandmother Nancy continues online. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month: October 27, November 10: 7:30-9:00 PM

BLM Planning Meeting
We will discuss (1) to work on ending police violence, (2) to work in K-12 education to face racism, (3) to build a coalition of area women's organizations, have a conference to work on ending systemic racism. Friday, October 23rd, from 7:00 PM-8:30 pm. All are welcome.
BLM Book Group
Discussion of the second and third sections of Caste: the Origin of our Discontents, by Isabel Wilkerson. Please attend even if you didn’t attend the first meeting. Friday, November 6 from 7:00-8:30 PM.
If you are going through a challenging time or know somebody in the congregation who needs support from our Pastoral Care Chaplains, call to leave a confidential message in the PCA voice mailbox 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or email pca@uuwestport.org.
Our support network is available to provide tangible help for friends in need: meal delivery, pharmacy runs, grocery shopping, a regular phone call of connection. Contact a minister or coordinators Mary Jane Cross or Beth Cliff.
For individuals or families of our congregation seeking confidential support or information about addiction issues. Please contact our Addiction Recovery Ministry by calling 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or emailing pca@uuwestport.org
Find us on digital and social media: website: uuwestport.org, Facebook public page (Unitarian Church in Westport) private group (uuwestport), and Instagram (uuwestportct).
The Unitarian Church in Westport is a diverse and welcoming religious community, free of creed and dogma, and open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 
 WE INSPIRE and support individual spiritual growth. 
 WE CONNECT through worship, music, learning, and caring ministries. 
 WE ACT in the service of peace and justice.