“Healing in Freedom” – Rev. John Morehouse
We must go on in a way that gives us lasting hope. What does our free will have to say about this new age we are in?

Worship Associates: 9:00 & 11:00 Joanne Glasser Orenstein

ORDER OF SERVICE - Click HERE for 9:00 AM and HERE for 11:00 AM. Offering gratefully received at vop.tucw.org.

Note: At our 11 AM service this week, we are testing our ability to live broadcast to large numbers of people at a time. So everyone will move from the ZOOM prerecorded service to Rev. John delivering his sermon live, and then once the sermon is over, we will then go back to the prerecorded service. As a congregant you don't have to do anything - it will all happen from our end.

The only way to test out some of our new routers and equipment is to use it, with our normal number of people online. We don't anticipate a problem (we've been live-streaming to smaller groups at 9AM for weeks now, with no problems), but there might be one. IF THERE IS, we will simply send us all back to the prerecorded sermon.

Just to keep things interesting, note that there might be a slight difference in the sermons: one of the beauties of live-streaming is Rev. John can comment on current events as they are happening, whereas the taped version is only as current as the day it was taped, in this case, Friday morning. With so much up in the air at the moment ....

It will all be fine, but we did want to give you the head's up notice. Feedback welcome to Beth Cliff after the service.

FOR 11:00 AM Service the ZOOM ROOM is the same as always:HERE.
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Service also airing on our Facebook page.

We continue to pilot livestreaming the 9 AM service. Feedback? Beth Cliff.
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