THIS WEEK'S BIG STORY on the heritage front:

A South Carolina Black Lives Matter protester has been arrested after he went airborne over a police barrier on live television to try to seize a large Confederate battle flag.

Charleston Police Department spokesman Charles Francis says 31-year-old Muhiyidin d'Baha, whose legal name is Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, was charged with disorderly conduct Wednesday.

CBS affiliate WCSC-TV's cameras were rolling when Moye jumped through police tape and tried to wrestle the flag before being tackled by police.

The lamestream media outlets are united in chorus calling Mr. Moye a "hero."

Mr. Moye's acrobatic act occurred outside near the Sottile Theater at the College of Charleston, where Bree Newsome was speaking about "social justice and activism."

Newsome was arrested in 2015 after she climbed a flagpole and temporarily removed the Confederate Flag from in front of the South Carolina Statehouse. Newsome's charges were later dropped.

Our man in South Carolina reports that Mr. Moye has been  arraigned  and a judge set a personal recognizance bond of $2,382. Thats just $238 to a bail bondsman and Moyee is walking the streets. 


Before you click this link know that it contains foul language:

This is an interesting interview between an art writer and a black artist who has decided to "own the Confederate Flag." Artist Michael Holman, far from being an advocate of southern heritage, tells some interesting stories about his Confederate ancestors. 

To quote a small bit of the article:

My father told me I had family, Black family, that fought in the Confederacy. They didn't see much action-hardly anyone from Texas did-but they were nevertheless Confederate soldiers. I reached out to the archives in Austin and there were quite good records of my ancestors fighting. They knew they were Negroes, and this defeated army still upheld its obligations in terms of health and retirement benefits, widow compensation, etc. It was eye opening. I've used Xeroxed copies of some of these family records in my work.


The Mississippi House has rejected an effort to punish universities for not flying the State Flag.

All eight of the State's public universities have furled the flag in recent years amid criticism that it's racially insensitive in a state with a 38 percent black population.

Republican Rep. William Shirley of Quitman offered an amendment Tuesday saying any university that refuses to fly the Mississippi flag could not receive bond money. It would have cost each campus about $1 million for repair and renovation projects.

"He offered this last year, and we voted it down," Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jeff Smith, R-Columbus, told the House.

The House rejected the amendment with no debate; 52 members voted for for it and 65 voted against it.

All black representatives who were present rejected the amendment, as did many whites, including Republican Speaker Philip Gunn of Clinton.

Mississippi has used the flag since 1894, and voters chose to keep it in a 2001 election.

Like other Confederate symbols across the South, the Mississippi Flag has come under increased scrutiny since the June 2015. massacre of nine black worshippers in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. A white man was convicted in 2016 and sentenced to death. Before the shootings, he had posed holding the Confederate battle flag in photos that were published online.

Soon after the massacre, South Carolina lawmakers voted to remove a Confederate battle flag that had flown outside the Statehouse for many years.

Speaker Gunn and both of the Mississippi's Republican U.S. Senators are on the record that Mississippi should replace its flag with a non-Confederate symbol. However, during the state legislative sessions in 2016 and this year, Gunn has said he can't get consensus in the House to consider bills to redesign the flag.


In a follow-up to last-week's story, Chugiak High School Principal David Legg sent an email to parents Tuesday officially banning the flag from the school. As though we didn't see it coming. He also made an announcement at school Tuesday,  The Alaska Star  reported.


My favorite of this week's Tweets by The President was the one where he referred to his Florida home where he recently entertained the Japanese Ambassador as the "Southern White House." 


Whatever "The Wall" costs, and regardless of who pays for it, The Wall
will be a bargain for already overburdened US taxpayers who, after all,  did not invite illegal aliens -  yet are stuck with the bills. 

North  Carolina  estimates that illegal aliens cost each legal resident $600 annually. New jersey set the bill at $1,432 annually. Do you want to find out what you personally are paying for illegal aliens in your State? Click this link:

State governments gets away without reporting this because nearly every one of these dollar costs are hidden/buried within other costs which don't show the % of those costs that are the result of people living here who have no business living here......but nonetheless who are, in fact, living here illegally and expecting Americans to foolishly subsidize them.  

We need to remind them that the United States of America is not a pinata that can be beaten open to spill out the goodies.

Is Trump Being "Watergated?"
by Al Benson Jr.

I have a good friend in Illinois who is an astute observer of the political scene. We used to work together and so could bounce stuff off each other that we felt was important on a regular basis

However, since our move to Louisiana that type of interaction has become rather difficult and so we are forced to do that kind of thing via email. But we do try to keep up and send each other material we feel is pertinent.

We have both followed the Deep State's continuing attempts to deep six Donald Trump, which has become ever more apparent in the past couple weeks or so, most especially after Michael's Flynn's departure from the Trump Team.

I got the following commentary from my friend on February 16th and felt it was worth passing along to my readers (some of whom seem to have gone back to sleep since Trump was elected). My friend observed that: "What's happening now to the Trump Administration is very reminiscent of what happened to Richard Nixon with Watergate. With Nixon, the establishment removed the inner circle around Nixon one by one until Nixon stood all alone. While this was going on, there was a gradual movement building in the House of Representatives to impeach Nixon. As Nixon stood all alone, this movement in the House started to take off and Nixon resigned as a result...I believe that the same strategy is now underway with regard to Trump. It will be interesting to see how all this progresses. The present forces behind this move are very powerful and very skillful." And also very evil!

He also sent me a copy of an article from written by Eli Lake. The article seems to be an attempt to link Trump to the Russians, a theme the Leftists never seem to tire of playing with. It would seem, from this article, that everyone of Trump's close associates except his second cousin is being investigated by the FBI for possible "Russian connections." How long this will go on is anybody's guess, but probably until they find some way to get Trump out of office (legal or otherwise)-and rest assured, that is being worked on by the Deep State. They do not want Trump in the White House! He is an agenda-interrupter for the Deep State and they have to get rid of him as soon as possible.

Rest assured, Bloomberg is no friend of Trump's and the closing paragraph in the article noted this: "In the end, it was Trump's decision to cut Flynn loose. In doing this he caved in to his political and bureaucratic opposition. Nunes (Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) told me Monday night that this will not end well. 'First it's Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus.'...Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree." I don't think Priebus will be any loss at all-he is an Establishment Republican and I have heard comments about him being a main source of some the the damaging leaks. The other three-now that's something else altogether. Do you see the pattern here? Same as what they did to Nixon. They "Watergated" him right out of office. This is what they are trying now to do to Trump and I hope and pray that he and those closest to him will begin to see what is going on.

I went to my mailbox today. And there was a package from one of our readers in Tennessee. They donated a used iPad for the Cuba Project. They also included a small check. 

The Cuban pastors know that we will be bringing them iPads and smartphones. And they are so grateful that they are already showing their appreciation. One of the pastors is a graphic designer by trade. He has both an iPad and a smartphone. So we will not be giving him these items, rather, we will be giving them to pastors who do not have them and otherwise can not afford them. But this pastor is so excited that we will be bringing technology tools to his brethren and fellow-pastors that he created an entire campaign (including several graphics) for our church as his way of saying thank you. 

We had hoped to give 30 iPads and 30 smart phones. We are half-way there. 

I'd also like to give 30 suits to 30 Cuban pastors. I've purchased 8 myself and we have a total of 12. 

We also still have an immediate need for at least $1,300 to reach the goal. I'm not concerned. I know that God will provide. But I want to give you an opportunity to be a part of this great missionary effort and to be blessed by the Lord for giving. 

Would you prayerfully give $25 to the Cuba Project today?

Give $25 to the Cuba Project:  undefined


On my trip to Cuba this May I am looking forward to meeting with pastors in a church in the fishing village that inspired Hemmingway to write my favorite novel. 

In 1999 a Russian animator, Aleksandre Petrov, produced an excellent animated film, using a technique called paint on glass animation, of The Old Man and the Sea.  

If you will donate just $5 I will send you a copy of this great animated film!

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Since pitchers and catchers have reported and spring training has begun I want to share the following WBTS  anecdote: 

Last May, my husband and I were on a bus tour of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and the tour guide still seemed to be fighting the War (at least for professional purposes). She kept referring to us as Yankees. 

After awhile, I'd had enough and piped up: "That's a major insult. We're not Yankees. We're from the Boston area. We're Red Sox fans." 

We didn't hear another word about Yankees all morning.

WBTS era Baseball Card fetches $179,250 at Auction

A rare baseball card that was handed down as an heirloom within the family of a ballplayer for more than 150 years fetched $179,250 at an auction in Chicago on Thursday. 

The Brooklyn Atlantics team card from around 1860 was sold at Heritage Auction's Platinum Night Sports Auctions, which coincides with the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.

The auction featured a variety of collectable sports memorabilia items, including a New York Yankees game jersey worn by Mickey Mantle in 1966 that sold for $322,650 and the shoes worn by Muhammad Ali in the 1975 "Thrilla in Manila" bout against Joe Frazier. Those fetched $119,500.

The baseball card, sold to an anonymous buyer, had remained in the family of Archibald McMahon, an outfielder for the Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn.

The Atlantics were a founding member of baseball's first organized league, the National Association of Base Ball Players, and reigned as champions from 1859 through 1861, according to Dallas-based Heritage Auction officials.

"This is a seminal artifact, not just of baseball, but of American history," Chris Ivy, director of sports auctions for Heritage, said in a statement. It is possibly "the only team card on Earth printed before the first drop of blood was spilled in the American Civil War," he said.

The card was consigned for auction by Florence Sasso, 75, a descendant of McMahon's. The card was passed down to her from her mother, who inherited it from other relatives.

A native New Yorker who lives in Massachusetts, Sasso stashed the card inside a book for a while and in a piece of furniture for safekeeping.

She said her late mother, Mildred, loved baseball and cherished the card.


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It was a warm day in early May when I arrived in DeFuniak Springs on the first leg of the Southern Revival March.

I would spend time talking with Ms. Tracie Harvey about her ancestor who was wounded and taken to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond , Virginia. There was a look in her eyes that depict nothing but pride as she spoke.

I would ask her to hold my flag while I returned to my car for a moment. When I returned; there she stood at the base of the 1st Confederate monument in the State of Florida. A strong wind had come up; the flag looked like a postage stamp, as this petit young woman held it steady in hand as if it were a part of her. No small task for a strong built man.

Standing there so picturesque, she conjured up memories of the Confederate widow woman, and her herculean efforts to build this memorial to the many husbands, sons, and family members of so many who fought and gave their lives in defense of our homeland; "the Southland of America". It can only be described as a mystical moment. And, I knew then, that one day I would return and present this flag to Ms. Harvey.

On Monday, February 13, 2017, I would return to DeFuniak to deliver my favorite flag to Ms. Harvey. It was then that I would learn the great irony as the magic continued. My flag had been made by Mrs. Christine Caudel, who was from Defuniak. Her maiden name was Ms. Christine Tedder.

I must thank the owner and staff of McClain Florist in DeFuniak for not only the beautiful flower arrangement they made for Tracie, but also for interrupting their busy workload on Valentines Day to do so. And , while Tracie was not present for her day; I would like to thank the Honorable Mr. Steve McBroom for accepting the flag and gifts for her. Also, I would like to thank the County Administrator, one of the County Commissioners whose name I totally forgot, Christopher, and his dad who witnessed the signing of the flag, the young Police lady, and others who brought so much cheer to the moment.

I would visit the offices of Florida State Representative Brad Drake, and Senator Steube, and leave a message of thanks for their efforts to sponsor a Monument Protection Bill.

by H K Edgerton

I received correspondence from the Commander of the General Kirby Smith Camp # 1209 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His Camp invited me into their station at Olustee , where I would, and could speak to all those babies, their parents, and teachers, of the herculean effort of he and his men to bring the CSA Hunley submarine. And not to forget all the other Confederate re-enactors who did their very best to portray family life in the South, and the victory won at Olustee.

However, let us examine why old Edgerton proclaimed this a Yankee propaganda event: It was some of his men who asked that I go over to the station of Fredrick Douglass where my babies were being turned into White folk guilt zombies, and Black haters of the South and its White populous.

And, I wish you could have seen the sad look on their faces as Freddy was laying it on about his old Master that some how symbolized all the Southern Masters. And not to forget how he escaped to the North, all the while teaching himself to read and write the English language. And how he so elegantly wrote about his debacle.

One baby girl at Olustee would ask me about the diatribe of Douglass as we stood and talked at lunch time: Mr. HK, she would ask; how did Fredrick Douglass teach himself as a run away slave to read and write the English language? I had such a hard time understanding to use to, two, and too. And when it came to pronouncing the; no matter how hard my teacher , or my mother lectured me about the sound of the alphabet, it was hard. I believe he lied about that.

I would tell the baby girl, that I didn't know how the Master of Douglass treated him. There were some bad Masters. However, the one of Douglass did not represent the behavior of all, and neither did he represent what all Southerners did , or felt about the African people. And, if what Douglass said was true, he didn't tell about the tools he purposely broke that would stop a whole day or more of labor that meant the slaves would have to work twice as hard to make up for it. That plow would be the apparatus that also fed, clothed, and sheltered his people.

Mr. Douglass didn't tell these babies that he was Lincoln's snitch. It was he who told Lincoln about the Black Confederate soldier which led the Yankees to kidnappings of Southern Blacks to be forced into the Yankee army. And, in far too many instances in this correspondence to portray which led to them being forced to be put in forward positions of battle, or the suicide missions like the Battle of the crater,or their wives being used as concubine for the White Union soldier, or that they served in a segregate Union military doing task that their White counterpart would receive as much as twice the pay, or the lack of equal medical care.

I saw and confronted the Yankee author, Bob O'Connor about his warped accountings. I didn't see Southern writers like the Kennedy brothers, Delorean, David Chaltas, Ron Jones, Mike Scruggs, or any from the Southern Press.

What I did see is this Commander's Camp namesake, the Honorable General Kirby Smith, being slandered , and him being treated like a wild dog. And you may as well thrown in the General's Aid de Camp, the Honorable Dr. Alexander Darnes, a Black Confederate soldier who both get the same from the White folk guilt, and Black haters of the Florida Legislature.

I will tell this Commander, that one thing for sure ; " I in no way diminish the works of all those re-enactors, and their efforts to bring history to light at Olustee, nor do I apologize about what I have written."  
God bless you !

Editor's Note: This reenactment takes place annually within minutes of our office.  We intentionally do not promote it. Years ago I did have a tent on settler row and park rangers attempted to prevent my selling "pro-Confederate literature." HK wants to know where the true advocates of Southern Heritage were? We long-ago abandoned it. HK was right - it is little more than a Yankee Propaganda event. If my, or HK saying it offends you - go eat a chicklet and get over it.  

Fake News has made a Fraudian Slip of biblical proportions. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski talking to Morning Joe, said that President Donald Trump is, "trying to undermine the media...that is our job [the media]" to control, "what people think." 

So, by her admission, it's not just the news media's job to give us the news and let us make up our own minds, it's their job to control what we think. In other words, the establishment media is in the mind control business not reporting actual news.



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