Continuing Education Newsletter
August 2021

Interested in Healthcare Career Awareness Presentations for Your High School Students in Southwest Georgia Region?
"The SOWEGA AHEC Scholars Program was a valuable part of the clinical years of my medical education which I chose to spend in Southwest Georgia. This program fostered discussions around current frontiers in healthcare with a special focus on impact on rural and underserved areas. I was able to interact with students from other healthcare disciplines, and we worked together to address issues such as behavioral health, telemedicine, disaster preparedness, human trafficking, and more. The leadership of the program made me feel like I always had a family looking out for me during my time in Albany, and they kept us supplied with opportunities to really dig in and make an impact on the underserved populations around us that we learned about. I feel that through the AHEC Scholars Program, I got a more in depth look at the issues facing my community and gained an appreciation for the specific needs that I can help serve in my future career as a physician – and I got to have fun while doing it! I would recommend the SOWEGA AHEC Scholars Program to any healthcare professions student who has the privilege of spending their clinical years in Southwest Georgia."
Southwest Georgia AHEC Scholars Program Cohort #2 Graduate Class of 2021
Augusta University/Medical College of Georgia, Southwest Georgia Campus MD Student

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