SP-1810T Test Report
Tom Finke, a local 8x10 aficionado
(and Professor of Photography at The Art Institute of Colorado), volunteered to setup his 8x10 beast and take a test shot for us.

SP-257A: latest prototype ready for assembly

We'll be posting a video of the SP-257A prototype later this week. This adapter will allow 5x7 users to process two sheets of film in the SP-445. We're still evaluating the idea and the market. Maybe another Kickstarter?
Large Format B&W Film Testing Video Workshop

It's worth the effort to determine your own personal EI rating for whatever film you're using. It will not only save you time and money; you'll make better photos. The quickest way to figure this out is via Tim Layton's videos:
In this comprehensive video workshop, Tim Layton walks you through how to properly test any black and white 4x5 large format sheet film in the SP-445 daylight development tank.