2nd Annual Golden Eagle District
Space Derby
The 2nd Annual Golden Eagle District Space Derby will take place October 9th at the Texas Air & Space Museum (10001 American Dr., Amarillo, TX 79111 ). Final Check In starts 8-8:45 am. Rockets Fly at 9am.

All Cub Scout aged youth Rocket kits are FREE. Entry fee is Bring a friend that is not a scout and either donate 2 cans of food or at least $1 on line to the High Plains Food Bank where $1 equals 6 meals.

To make a monetary donation, use the QR CODE LINK HERE by opening your phone camera and hovering over the QR CODE SYMBOL HERE. A link will pop up. Click on the link and feed those in need. 

Friends Rocket Kits are just $1 with no entry fee. All others are $2 entry/$5 rocket kits. Pick up your Space Cadet Number, Entry Form and Rocket Kit at the Scout Shop (401 Tascosa Road). 

Every rocket must have a Space Cadet Number. The Space Cadet Number may be a part of a decoration or simply written somewhere visible and legibly.

All Entry Forms and Rocket Kits must be turned in TOGETHER at the Scout Shop no later then October 6th at 5:30 pm. Late rockets/entry forms cannot be accepted to allow for a smooth event. Rockets will be returned after the final launch.

Golden Spread Council Boy Scouts of America | www.goldenspread.org