Indigenous healing - Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremony is one of the oldest holistic healing practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. It is coming together to go into deeper connection with others and Self. During a Cacao ceremony, it is just as important to honour this sacred plant and also to consider your intention and how is that intention being brought to the ceremony. Cacao stimulates the release of several major neuro transmitters such as serotonin, which helps you to be confident, easy-going, happier and positive. It also helps you to focus and do deep inner work such as meditation and journeying.

You will be guided by Mary from SPACE2B, who uses ceremonial grade Cacao which is ethically sourced from small family-run farms around Philippines. Mary is a heart-centred and integrated wellness and health practitioner in body therapies, whole foods education, Cacao Ceremony, Alchemy Bowls Sound Healing and more. She has facilitated at international forums and workshops in California, Israel, Shanghai and Manila.

4 June, Saturday 5-6pm
5 June, Sunday 5-6pm
11 June, Saturday 5-6pm

Price : $5/ Individual

Where: Sentosa Palawan Beach