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UM Dance Program, Creative Movement Classes for Children
February 1st - April 26th
PARTV Building, UM
[Ages 3-10]

"UM dance, theatre, and education students enroll as student teachers to assist in the classes. The class is an opportunity for your child to be immersed in dance, and also a chance for our students to train to be teachers. The student teachers will plan lessons, which are previewed by instructor Laurel Sears, and teach two partial lessons and one full lesson each. UM Children's Dance is a place for everyone to grow together, create community, learn, and make meaning from motion."

For more details & to register:  Website!

Playing With The Band - Winter/Spring Session
February 5th-May 31st
Want to play in a band?
Learn from professional musicians/instructors.

For registration and questions:
(406) 396-3352

Share your SPARK! for the Arts

 ""Performer/ Founder/ Danceador
/ Filmmaker, I am a person just like you who decided to follow my heart, intuition, and passions. Founder of Danceador, a global dance movement dedicated to spreading awareness, preserving and celebrating our global legacy of movement." - Johanna

Above is a quote from a community member sharing her SPARK! for the arts. We hope that by sharing individual's personal stories about how the arts have impacted them, we can help shine a light on the importance of the arts as a whole. 
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