SPARK! Arts end of school year wrap up!

Join SPARK! Arts for June First Friday at The Wilma

Join us this Friday, June 7 from 5 - 8 PM at The Wilma for an art showcase, 
SPARK!: Perspectives of The Wilma

Artist, Tabitha Beard/B.MartiNez, worked with students through a SPARK! Arts residency learning social studies curriculum of Missoula Valley history through visual arts. Students discussed present Missoula and the economic growth through arts, entertainment, and recreation, which resulted in the pieces featured. The art pieces are skewed 3-D perspective drawings of The Wilma with Mount Jumbo in the background, and the river in the foreground.


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Join SPARK! Arts at 
Unplug and Play! Summer Kick-off!

NEW! This year Unplug and Play is kicking-off summer!
Neighbors, kids, and families can enjoy over 30 FREE activities in Franklin Park and McLeod Park. Plus, you can bike, walk, skateboard, stroll safely between the two parks via the Sunday Streets Missoula route. Sunday Streets closes the street to cars and opens it up people! Travel to both parks and be entered to win sweet prizes. 
 FUN activities will be sprinkled along the 1 mile Sunday Streets Missoula route. Find Garden City Harvest at the Franklin School Garden. 
Route: The Sunday Streets Missoula Route will be from McLeod Park to Franklin Park and vice versa. From Franklin Park, walk and roll down 10th St. > Grant St > North Ave. (travel on sidewalk and parking lane) > Catlin. This is a multi-directional route, so you can start at either park, Franklin or McLeod.

SPARK! Arts Integration Residencies

We have been BUSY with arts integration residencies at all nine elementary and three middle schools! 

Some of the May residencies, include:
Jamie Arnold // Dance & Math/Science @ Paxson
Jennifer Corbin // Dance & Caribbean Culture @ Paxson
Rosie Ayers // Theatre & American Revolution @ Hawthorne
Tarn Ream // African Music & Dance @ Jeanette Rankin
Marc Moss, Tell Us Something // Storytelling, Civil War Monologues @ CS Porter
Patricia Thornton, ZACC // Visual Art & History @ Rattlesnake
Jenah Mead, Montana Natural History Center // Nature Journal @ Franklin
Heather Adams, Downtown Dance Collective // Dance & PE @ Meadow Hill
Matt Loehrke, MCT // Spanish DLI & Theatre @ Paxson
Rosie Ayers // Greek Theatre @ Lowell
Sheryl Noethe, Missoula Writing Collaborative // Creative Writing @ Lewis & Clark

There were many more amazing residencies - too many to share here! 
Visit our calendar to check out more!

SPARK! Arts in 

Rosie Ayers at Hawthorne Elementary

Kate Crouch at Franklin Elementary

Jennifer Corbin at Paxson Elementary

Jamie Arnold at Paxson Elementary

the News!!!

SPARK! Arts  appeared in multiple news stories, highlighting some of the arts integration residencies and arts enhancements happening around Missoula County Public Schools, as well as celebrating our artists and art advocates. Click on the titles to see the full article and news clip: 
Thank you, KPAX-TV for showcasing SPARK! Arts and arts education!
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