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I have some heirloom Daffodils poking through the ground with buds. They are such a welcomed sight! What signs of newness are you seeing?

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How many people can say YES, they are able to stand in their power even when they have no money to their name? When they have received a disconnect notice to their electricity? A disconnect notice to the cable? Have put aside six other bills due to lack of current finances and no gas in the propane tank considering it's below 35 degrees and this is the "cold weather" heat source to the house? How many would be able to stand tall and confident in themselves?

I can!

This was me the other day and to top it off I had just offered an Abundance Plunge challenge on facebook. Oh the irony! or perhaps the perfect timing.

The night the electricity was to be disconnected I kept looking at the alarm clock as I tried to sleep to see if I still had electricity. Needless to say I did not sleep well that night. This whole situation was awful and beyond what I ever wanted to experience again. I was considering this whole thing a disaster, but at some point in time during the night I started contemplating on what was going on and my thoughts evolved. How do most people react when they have $0 money? Do they still function and feel secure and supported? Do they feel worthy? As I was feeling into all of the emotions that were coming up, I realized no matter what, I am still connected to Source. A bill does not control that. Money or no money does not change my infinite connection to the universe. Rather than shrinking into not good enough or unworthy I stayed completely in my power, in my strength, in my faith and in my all knowing. It was in that moment that I released my old concepts of money. Actually it was more than that and beyond what I have words for. I went from panic into a rush of exhilaration and into a freedom I have never experienced before. I was no longer tied down nor confined in anyway. There were no longer any strings attached. Zero money made me realize I AM Free! This shift was huge.

Two things are happening here:
1) Years ago I had a similar event... a life shift. I did not understand what was going on at that time and it crushed me. It was like it literally stopped me from living. I personally believe it took me off course and put me on a detour. Now a similar life shift happened. This time I stood in my power. I feel like the detour has lead me back on track and now I can move forward. I have been on this detour for 17 1/2 years. Detour or life... it is what it is. Lessons have been learned and I have graduated!

2) If I am feeling things like this moneywise and since I am a representative of the collective whole and also an empath, then I am pretty sure I am feeling and reflecting what others are going through as well. And if I am succeeding and shifting then others are succeeding and shifting too!

I've got to say I am really excited to see how things go from here!
A Speaking in Tongues/Light Language Message - "Blessings to us all." In reference to the above article.


MY BLOG - Path Alchemy
I have started blogging and I love it! I call my blog
Path Alchemy. I have included the first publication here
and I invite you to follow me along.
I know it’s possible; to create a new phase of my life, by just the sheer desire and magic of the thought of it. To change things around, to want something different, something more, something deeper and more expansive of the pure expression of who I am. To step into a realm of myself I’ve yet to experience, but know on a Soul level of its existence. (And I'm not talking little, I'm talking BIG!)

I can feel this path. It has come about. A grand shift has occurred. It calls me to walk it now. Throwing caution to the wind and holding on to the universal magic available to us all, I am stepping forward in creation. As I take the first step I can see new life emerge as my right foot presses onto the ground. That first step is the “on” button.

Alchemy has started!

I invite you to follow me along on this new journey. I don’t have all the details of course as they lie in the magic yet to be revealed, but I like you am equipped to heed my calling.

Two ways to get involved:
Simply follow me along as I blog this journey. You can find the Blog here... http://www.cindyheadley.com/BLOG.html

Hire me as your personal Path Alchemist. For details on this go to... http://www.cindyheadley.com/PATH-ALCHEMIST.html

Here's to alchemy along the path!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
Love and Light,


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