I have always been fascinated by the phrase Speaking in Tongues. It wasn't until recently that I decided to look into this. I found a video of a lady speaking in tongues that felt legitimate. I didn't really get what she was doing, but I decided that I could pray in a fast manner.

Before watching this lady's video I had been watching an on-line preacher explaining how to pray. He was saying to pray as if it, whatever it was, had already happened. He was saying to praise God and Thank God for what you want as already happened. Ok, this reminded me of Law of Attraction. I get what he is talking about.

So I decided to combine my new learnings into what I called Fast Praise Praying. I did this for a couple of weeks and did so in almost a meditative manner.

Then one day I tried letting go and it happened. These really strange sounds and words started coming out. It freaked me out, so I stopped it. A couple of nights later, while i was giving myself Reiki to completely remove this breast cancer/tumor shell, it happened again. This time I let it flow. I'm not sure of the exact meaning, but I knew it had to do with healing and it had to do with commanding the healing. Now, tongues has been flowing ever since!

I feel a really strong calling with this Gift, unlike I have ever been called before. Even though this is rather new to me, I feel I am supposed to help others with it. I feel called to do hands-on healing and praying work. We'll see, I'm sure it will evolve on it's own.