Our  Perspectives from the “Classroom”  series will be shared every Wednesday bringing you a reflective piece from one of our St. Paul faculty members.

Mr. Perrier has a BSED, with a major in History, and an MA in Public History, both from CCSU. Before coming to St. Paul Catholic High School he taught middle school at St. Mary School in Waterbury for four years. This is his second year at SPCHS and the thing that has been most impressive to him is how supportive the community and climate of the school is.

We’re pleased to bring you Mr. Perrier's reflection on his teaching in the “classroom” of uncharted distance learning at St. Paul.
Mr. John Perrier
Perspectives from the “Classroom”

We are living in times that are unprecedented in recent memory. From a historical perspective, as I’m sure many have seen, our current situation with COVID-19 has been most consistently tied to the Influenza Outbreak of 1918. As was the case then, as it is now, this has led to a massive disruption of our nation on a macro level, all the way down to the individual level. But just as our nation and people rebounded then, I believe we will as well. Sometimes, as a student and teacher of history, it is hard for me to not view the present through the lenses of the past. However, when I do and when I look around at our people then and now, I see incredible strength.

This has been a difficult time for everyone but I’ve seen so much strength in every single student I teach and it always presents in different ways. While nothing is normal anymore, I have done my best to keep my classes consistent and normal with the help of video conferencing software. Aside from checking in with each class every day and giving instructions I’ve worked to stay consistent with the usual minutia and rigor of our classes, while also being understanding as to what everyone is going through.

Even though we’ve had to remain serious about our courses, I know that there are just as many different situations, and things that people are dealing with, as there are students. Through the work that we’ve done, and the discussions that we’ve had in class, I can safely say that our school and our community, regardless of our challenges, have been remarkable in their ability to persevere.

I can honestly say that I am proud of every single member of our St. Paul community and that I truly believe that the way we have shaped the community, and the way it has shaped us, has given us the tools to come through these times, and this hardship, stronger and more resilient than before.