Car Burglaries
If you are reading the new SPD Police Blotters, you know that a problem our police department faces is CAR BURGLARIES. Shenandoah Police Department reminds you that while you may not be able to totally prevent car burglaries, you don't have to make it easier for the crooks!
Chief Shaw reports that property was taken from two vehicles AND a bicycle was stolen last night in the area of Hickory Ridge and Enchanted.

Both vehicles were left unlocked. The bike was also unsecured.

Shenandoah Police Department reminds everyone to remove valuables and keep cars locked, and to store bicycles and other belongings out of sight.

If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle, make sure you hide them BEFORE you get to your destination. Don't fall victim to someone, sitting and watching in parking lots, who just saw you stash your purse... laptop... packages ... or even weapon under the seat or in the back of the vehicle.

Questions? Call SPD at their non-emergency number 281.367.8952.