In May, new federal regulatory requirements regarding meaningful access and nondiscrimination (MA/ND) were passed that affect all our communication efforts with all business segments. Due to these federal requirements, Wellmark must take additional steps to be sure all external communications are delivered in a way that all individuals can understand the content regardless of disability or limited English proficiency.  
As a delegated entity of Wellmark, you are also responsible for ensuring compliance with these regulations.

What is MA/ND?
All external communications must be made accessible to all individuals regardless of disability or limited English proficiency.

There are two requirements when developing compliant communications for MA/ND:
1. All digital communications must be made accessible
2. All communications must include the MA/ND Notice and Taglines, entitled "Required Federal Accessibility and Nondiscrimination Notice."

Sample of the
Standard Notice & Taglines.

This notice will be available on the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit next week.  All external communications to individuals, applicants, employers, enrollees and the general public must be communications from the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit.

Please review the MA/ND Quick Reference Guide to get a better understanding of the requirements and common questions associated with these new requirements.  This also includes the fines for any non-compliance.  Please also review the Wellmark Blue Briefings News Release from August 25.

IMPORTANT: Check your computer desktop or folders for any digital only documents that were created before Aug. 26. DO NOT SEND THESE VIA EMAIL as these documents will not be compliant. Refer to the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit for the MA/ND compliant digital only materials.

Changes are being made to materials on the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit to ensure they are MA/ND compliant.  

Partners Health Insurance is updating our Resources Page to include all updated materials to be compliant.  

Please contact your assigned Account Rep for further questions.

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