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U.S. Court of Appeals Rules USDA May Not Renew the Annual License of 
a Chronic Violator
USDA's Response:

If we cannot renew licenses of chronic violators, we will only require a license to be renewed every 3 - 5 years  instead  of annually.

Please ask USDA to continue to require an annual license renewal and to stop renewing licenses of 
substandard dog breeders .

Please submit your comment to USDA by going here and clicking on the blue "COMMENT NOW" button in 
the right hand corner.

Currently USDA automatically renews licenses of commercial dog breeders on an annual basis regardless of how bad the facility is or how many violations the breeder has accumulated.

For the first time in the history of the Animal Welfare Act, a Court has ruled that the USDA may not renew a license of a chronic violator when the record before the Agency shows that the licensee has habitually been cited for major violations of the statute.

In response, USDA wants to only require a license renewal every 3-5 years which will allow animals to suffer for several more years in the hands of chronic violators.

USDA is once again trying to accommodate the worst of the worst in the dog breeding industry.  

Here are some samples of comments that you might consider submitting to USDA:  Comments

You can be certain that puppy millers will be inundating USDA with comments begging the Department to only renew their licenses every 5 years.

We need to counter the pleas of the puppy millers!!!


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