Please thank Attorney General Schmitt for his efforts to close down Cedar Ridge dog breeding facility in Alton, Missouri for serious violations of both the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act. A hearing is scheduled in Oregon County on Monday for a Permanent Injunction against this dog breeder.

In addition, please urge Attorney General Schmitt to refer Cedar Ridge kennel for criminal prosecution for violations of the state's anti-cruelty statutes.
Attorney General Eric Schmitt
  • Let Attorney General Schmitt know that you greatly appreciate his efforts to close down substandard puppy mills.

  • Request that the Attorney General refer Cedar Ridge kennel for criminal prosecution in order to communicate to all dog breeders in the state that animal abuse and neglect will not be accepted in Missouri and that cruel breeders will be criminally prosecuted.

  • Ask that the Attorney General provide a strong deterrent to ensure that gross neglect and abuse never occurs again at a state licensed dog-breeding facility.

  • Due to COVID-19, USDA has eliminated unannounced inspections and the Missouri Department of Agriculture could very well decrease inspections in the near future. It is therefore critical during this time of limited oversight that the state sends a strong message that abuse and neglect will not be tolerated going forward.

  • If any case begs for criminal prosecution, it would be what is described in the state's evidence for permanent injunction against Cedar Ridge - see exhibits 4 and 5.
Exhibit 4 - Photos & Descriptions of Dogs. Exhibit 5 - Photos of Living Conditions