May 20, 2020
Dear Members of St. John's,  
A little over two months ago (early March), the main topic on the Staff-Parish Relations Committee Agenda was what the church should do on June 7th to honor Pastor Janice. This will be the last day she will be preaching here at St. John's. Our first instinct was to have some sort of celebration to honor her in Fellowship Hall for her seven years as Assistant Pastor and the past 12 years as our Senior Pastor.
Since then the world has gone through a tailspin, and the rest is history.
At this point in time, the best we can hope for is that Bucks County will be elevated from Phase "Red" to Phase "Yellow". Even if this occurred, we could only allow 25 people to occupy the building requiring "social distancing" and the use of face masks - a plan that would be cumbersome and difficult to manage.
After a lengthy discussion with the pastor, it was agreed to adopt a plan suggested by one of our church members to have a "Drive Through" at church on June 7th. A container will be placed nearby for those wishing to leave her a note or card. In the event you cannot attend, this could be sent to the church office as well.
This plan can be simply and safely implemented. It will also enable all those, wanting to personally greet her and wish her well on her retirement, to do so, even if we are still in Phase "Red"
After viewing the "on line" worship service, we will drive to church, enter off of Almshouse Road at the drive nearest Fellowship Hall, and go around the rear of the church and approach the Main Entrance to the Sanctuary where you could greet the pastor. This would begin about 11:00 AM and end about noon.
Please pass this information to those you know that do not have ability to receive information via the internet or E-Mail.
We hope to see you then!
Please keep Pastor Janice, Pastor Brad, St. John's, and this wonderful world God has created in your fervent prayers.
Thank you!
Ron Oedemann
Staff-Parrish Relations Committee
820 Almshouse Road, Iyvland, PA 18974   215-357-6998  

Rev. Janice A. Puliti, Senior Pastor