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Join us for a SUPER HERO costume party!

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Join us for an October 1st Celebration


SUPER HERO costume Party!

Pot Luck from Cooking 4 Life consultants!


Prizes awarded for best costumes and dishes! 


When:  Tuesday, October 1st

Time:  6:30 - 8:30

Where:  Cooking 4 Life

9145 Chesapeake Drive 92123


Call for reservations:  858-433-0085


Special drawing for

FREE Saladmaster Product! 

SHARE US WITH 2 COUPLES BEFORE October 19th and you will receive the LIMITED Edition MEGA skillet package!
(Value $1,050)  

*Husband and wife or partner must both attend show
*$99 administration fee applies (includes shipping)
*if just one couple may upgrade for $100
*all dinners must be cooked before October 19th

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9145 Chesapeake Drive, Sa Diego, CA 92123