What a Year...We're Going to Have Together

The Irvington Preparatory Academy Class of 2021 Commencement on Saturday, June 12, was especially meaningful as the pandemic winds down: graduating seniors, their families and friends, IPA staff and administrators, and Irvington Community School board members assembled in the same room, together, for this special occasion. We're getting back to the way things were, returning to a sense of normalcy after enduring an event that has left its mark on us all.

That said, we've been vigorously preparing for several months now for a full return to a rigorous, highly engaging, student-centered academic experience. Moreover, we'll be focusing intently on meeting our students' social and emotional needs by bringing on additional staff members for that specific purpose, including a Social Worker, Restorative Practices Coordinator, and a Director of Student Well-Being. We'll meet our students where they're at, and take them to where they need to be in their scholastic and whole-child development. 

As the IPA graduation ceremony exemplified, we're so looking forward to seeing all of our students back together again each day, Monday through Friday, when school resumes on Monday, July 26.

Finally, on Friday, I received a note of gratitude from one of our parents, saying, "Just a heartfelt thank you for all you did to make this year work. Here’s to continuing to move onward and upward." In turn, in my thinking about all of you, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Speaking for all of us here at Irvington Community Schools, I hope you all have a safe, rejuvenating, enjoyable summer. You deserve it! See you soon.

-- Tim Mulherin, CEO