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Special edition April 11, 2019
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This is now planned...
The Board of Adjustment just approved this development*.
Tucson Residents for Responsive Government (TRRG) believes stakeholders should have a voice in City decision-making. Support for neighborhood interests and collaborative City planning has been neglected too long. We ask that Mayor and Council engage the community in identifying the problems created and solutions needed. 
Department of Neighborhood Resources 
Department of Urban Planning and Design 
Office of Integrated Planning
Planning and Development Services (PDSD).   Its organizational chart (Dec. 2018) lists no staff specifically assigned to Neighborhood Resources and those areas identified as Advanced Planning and Current Planning appear primarily focused on processing current PDSD applications.
If YOU want the community to have the opportunity to discuss how current priorities and polices affect neighborhoods and planning, sign TRRG's petition: 
The Jefferson Park Land Use Committee and TRRG (Tucson Residents for Responsible Government) request that every resident and every concerned citizen log on to  and sign the petition that simply says:                       "City of Tucson Mayor and Council,
Support for neighborhood interests and collaborative City planning has been neglected too long.  Please engage the community to identify the problems created and solutions needed."
NOTE:  The petition is sponsored by and you will have to agree to e-mails, but you can unsubscribe. You also can click through the requests to forward if you wish.  This is grassroots efforts, i.e., doing the best they can with no funding.
This difficult topic must be addressed. Simply, our City must learn to balance the needs of the developers with the stability and safety of the neighborhoods.  Erosion of neighborhoods with lack of community planning will cause urban flight--then where will the Tucson economy be? 
You are strongly encouraged to consider logging in and signing this petition and ask other residents to do the same.
* approved for Mountain View neighborhood
Steve Kozachik's review?
Read Councilperson Steve Kozachik's review of the decision.
Topic "Neighborhood Plans"
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