Children's Church @ Home
Hello Parents,
Below is Special Edition number twenty eight of Children's Church at Home. Pastor Wilson's sermon this Sunday comes from the book of Matthew 20:1-16.

This is such a tough lesson, even for adults. Everywhere we look in the world we see one injustice after another, no matter which side of an issue you stand on. So many times I would love to behave like my six year old and go into full temper tantrum!

But I always come back to my senses and reign it in, no matter how right I think I am. And what brings me back to my senses is a deep trust that the Lord will bring justice to all things. And that I am so unworthy of the gift that was freely given to me when Jesus chose to die on that cross.

So I hope this lesson hits home with the kids this week and serves as a refresher to all of us overgrown kids who have had a whopper of a year! Through the test and the trails, God give us grace and endurance for the rest of it.

Lots of Love,
Ms. Courtney
Children's Ministry Director
Bee Creek United Methodist Church
Children's Lesson Plan
We will follow the S.O.A.P. method as we do with the 3rd-5th grade age group on Sunday mornings…


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Please adapt as needed to your age group, ability and resources.
You Get What You Get...

This week we will learn about the parable of the vineyard workers. Grab your bible and turn to Matthew 20:1-16 or read along here.
Hey kids, did you know that life is totally fair and everyone always gets what they deserve?!...JUST KIDDING!!! Life is NOT fair.

In the scripture, we learn about how the boss man (landowner) pays the same amount of money to every worker, even though not everyone did the same amount of work. That had to be very frustrating for the workers that were there all day long and were exhausted from all their hard work.

It makes me think of the people who follow the rules, make all the good choices and work hard their whole life. Then there's the type of people who are rule breakers, make bad and selfish choices and are lazy their whole life. Then, at the end of their life, the lazy and selfish person begins to follow Jesus and God's word and turn their life around.

Even though it took the lazy person their whole life to understand what the hard worker knew all along, God tells us their reward is the same. Do you know why?..

Because NONE of us deserve what Jesus did for us. No one could ever work hard enough to make it fair that Jesus had to die on the cross for us to go to heaven. But just like the landowner, God keeps his promises.

No matter how long it takes a person to figure it out, so long as we choose to live by God's word and believe that Jesus died for our sins, we all get the same reward...Heaven!

So whenever you feel like you are being treated unfairly, remember God's promise and give grace to those who haven't gotten to where you are in this faith journey.

Family Questions:

-What did the landowner promise to every worker?
-Who was paid first at the end of the work day?
-Why did the landowner pay everyone the same amount?
-How should we behave when we think we're not being treated fairly?

Family Craft & Activity:

Here is a "worker in the vineyard" printable word search.

When you feel like your being treated unfairly, try this..
#1 PRAY and ask God to put grace and patience for others in your heart.
#2 Go with the flow and keep a positive attitude, even if you don't feel that way.
#3 Go above and beyond and give more than you should to the person who you believe is getting the better treatment.

When you try these 3 things, you might be surprised with the results you see. And always remember...What Would Jesus Do? WWJD?

Dear God,

Thank you for my reward that I get because Jesus died for me. Help me to be patient and kind with others. I love you so much!

Dance Party 🥳