Children's Church @ Home
Hello Parents,
Below is Special Edition number twenty one of Children's Church at Home. Pastor Wilson's sermon this week comes from Matthew 11:28-30. We will talk with the kids about finding rest and making special time for Jesus.

For some of us, we have an abundance of rest in this time. For many, we might feel busier than ever before. Either way, please take time to rest with with Jesus and the family today!

In the video below there is a silly message from some talking cows. You can share with them how we all carry a burden in life, but with Jesus our burden is lighter and through him we grow stronger.

Hope to see you all at our Evensong service in the amphitheater, this Sunday, August 2nd at 7:00 pm where we can rest in Jesus, together!

Lots of Love,
Ms. Courtney
 Children's Ministry Director
Bee Creek United Methodist Church
Children's Lesson Plan
We will follow the S.O.A.P. method as we do with the 3rd-5th grade age group on Sunday mornings…


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Please adapt as needed to your age group, ability and resources.
Problem Solver

This week we will talk about finding rest in the Lord. Grab your bible and turn to Matthew 11:28-30 or read along here .

And here's a very silly video...

I don't know about you, but I'm pooped! It has been a very busy week and I am in need of rest. Do you ever feel like both your body and your brain are tired at the same time?

We can often have a yoke to carry in life. Unlike the cows in the video, ours is not so heavy since we have Jesus. Also, that yoke or burden that we have helps us get stronger so that we can do amazing things in Jesus' name!

So what do we do to find rest?! Well, Jesus tells us that we can find rest in him when we become weary. So let's try it! We can find a peaceful place to retreat from the world. Maybe that place could be a fort in your bedroom, a hammock on the porch or under the shade of a big tree.

When you find your peaceful spot, make it special! Grab a little snack and drink, maybe a pillow and blanket, and then your bible or journal. Once you have your peaceful spot set up...🛑...now talk to Jesus.

Jesus is waiting to hear from you. He wants to know everything that is on your mind and unburden yourself. He wants to rest with you while you read your bible or gaze out at the view or even take a little nap.

Try to make this special time and rest with Jesus once a week, or even better, every day. We all have burdens, but sharing them with Jesus will lighten your yoke!

Family Questions:

-What is a yoke?
-What does the yoke in the scripture represent?
-How often should we make time to rest with Jesus?
-Share something that is burdening you.

Family Craft & Activity:

Print this coloring page that you can color in your special resting place.

Set-up a special resting place where you can recharge your spirit battery with Jesus, today!


Dear God,

Thank you for this new day and all my blessings. Remind me to spend time charging my spirit battery and rest with you today.

Dance Party 🥳