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It's One Week Until Christmas  
And The Bookies has your back!
Stockings, white elephants, office parties, secret Santa's, all of it can be covered here at The Bookies! But we know it's hard to find those perfect gifts right here at the end, so in honor of 7 days remaining until Christmas, we've got 7 unique gift ideas for you and yours!  

The all new, all different guide every food lover in the Denver/Boulder area has to have is back, better than ever. Full color photos, in-depth restaurant reviews, great studies on bars, terrific profiles on the taste-makers on the scene and a great section on cheap, casual and cult eats. It's all waiting for you here.   

Magic Penny Magnet Kit
It's really hard to convey how much fun this set is. It utilizes British Pennies, which are included, and these incredibly strong magnets. It's part art, part time waster, and all joy! Do kids love it? Sure. But it's also a great office present for someone you actually like and who you want to visit often so you can play with it.

J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World

* A Pop-Up Gallery of Curiosities
It wouldn't be Christmas without Harry Potter. Thanks to Bookie Steve we now have an entire 9 & 3/4th section in the store (we're not kidding, look on the back of the stickers you find in our Harry Potter section) and it's filled with treasures perfect for stockings. Like this Pop-Up book of magical moments from the books and films.  

The classics come alive in this collection that's perfect for every occasion. Six inches by four inches, they fit snugly in stockings and palms of hands. Our selection ranges from Austen to Doyle, Dickens to Sun Tzu and everything in between. Dozens of different titles are available and just waiting to be found underneath your tree or handed over at your family party.

Another perfect stocking size gift. Created by SmartGames, this 1 player challenger mixes the fun of a game like ASTEROIDS, with the memory of SLIDING PUZZLES that have been a staple of childhood for decades. Your goal is to arrange all the asteroids as pictured in your challenge and then find a way to slide them and your spaceship around so that it can escape safely. Hours of brain-teasing fun.

Speaking of 'stockings' (stockings ARE socks after all), have you seen our incredible selection of SOCK IT TO ME socks with fun graphics? We've got socks with rockets, socks with moose, whales, Shakespeare, and honestly...too much to list! You have to come in to see them all and pick out the perfect pair!
And finally, what White Elephant exchange would be complete without an eraser formed in the shape of Vincent Van Gogh's severed ear? Gross? Yes. Historic? Yes. Funny to watch as someone slowly tries to process what it is? Of course.