What's a "CIT" Officer?
In this very special edition, you'll learn what a CIT officer is and how they impact the community!
CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Training is a partnership where police and behavioral health experts work together so calls about substance use and mental health result in help for anyone who needs it. In Stark County, StarkMHAR ensures this training is available to first responders in the county. Get to know this important and timely resource!
My Name is Michael, and a CIT Officer Saved Me.
Six years ago, I was prescribed Vicodin for back pain associated with my construction job. I became addicted.
My Name is Jessica, and a CIT Officer Saved My Neighbor.
Mary has lived across the street from me ever since we moved in. When I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days, I got worried. Soon, I was really concerned that something was wrong.
My Name is Isabella, and a CIT Officer Saved My Family.
Lately, I’ve had so many hard days. I was feeling lost, stressed, and just done with
everything. One night, I was thinking about suicide.

CIT + Mobile Response: Both are Important!
Take it from them - listen as this local CIT Officer and Crisis Counselor explain how they need each other to offer ideal outcomes. Thank you for your service, Officer Gates and Suonna!
Anyone can request a CIT Officer when calling the police, and anyone can access Mobile Response 24/7/365 by calling 330-452-6000.
Announcement: Funding Opportunity!
StarkMHAR is offering a funding opportunity for the development of new, and continuation of current, youth programs that address social factors such as education, poverty and lack of family supports that undermine physical and mental wellness. Funding for two $2,500 grants is available.
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