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Special Edition- January 26, 2021
Minnesota's COVID-19 Recovery Budget and Education Budget
Governor Walz shared his budget bill early Tuesday afternoon. The proposed $52.4 billion budget seeks to raise taxes on Minnesota's wealthiest individuals, corporations and tobacco. With the increased tax revenues, Walz hopes to lighten the burden of COVID-19 for lower-income families and those small business owners impacted most over the last year.

Walz's education priorities put strong emphasis on Minnesota's students and schools. His budget includes a total new investment in e-12 of $745 million. When coupled with the recent $649 million from the federal government for COVID-19 relief, Walz seeks to help students recover and catch-up.

Help Students Catch Up
$57.5 million of federal funds for expanded summer school programs
$20 million in one-time funding for pre-k, in-person learning programs or a star-rated preschool
$7 million for staff time and supplies for expanded mental health supports in summer 2021
$10 million in supplemental one-time funding for summer field trips and hands-on learning
$5 million in grants for schools to expand neighborhood programs in summer 2021
$25 million one-time funding to reduce financial hardship due to declining enrollment

Support Minnesota's Teachers and Schools
$300 million on the general ed formula - Increase by 1 percent and 2.5 percent over next biennium
$46 million for mental health support personnel over the next biennium
$10 million to create a statewide teacher mentor program

Support Our Littlest Learners
$750,000 in grants funds for communities to implement innovative solutions for childcare shortages
$40 million for voluntary prekindergarten programs

Expand Educational Opportunities
Expand Indigenous education for all
Establish an ethnic studies standard
Expand rigorous course work
Increase resources for districts with low tax bases ($95 million investment in FY 2023)

Empower the Next Generation of our Workforce
$1.3 million in Emergency Assistance grants for post-secondary students
$35 million Workforce Stabilization Grant program
$1 million for Direct Admissions Minnesota, proactive admissions for public high school seniors to higher education in Minnesota

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Here are links to the Governor's materials from Tuesday's press conference
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