It's hard to believe that 10 amazing years have gone by since ADRN was founded and how much Greater Austin has changed. Today, more Christians are trained in emotional, spiritual and physical care than any time in our history (20,000)! The Red Cross refers hundreds of survivors impacted by house and apartment fires to ADRN for short and long-term assistance every year. The City of Austin now depends on ADRN to mobilize volunteers for clean-ups, to oversee donation management and to help families get back into safe and clean homes.
It was only 10 years ago that the Church was barred from Red Cross shelters. Fortunately, times have changed. What a remarkable transformation God has orchestrated! Also, you said YES! Whether it was through a donation or time spent in the field, you became His hands and feet to meet some of the greatest needs a survivor has when they lose everything. Thank you for your continued dedication and faithfulness to the Lord and to what God is doing through His Church, through ADRN.

This year, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and the work of His wondrous hands. At the same time, with a 600% increase in disasters worldwide and a considerable increase in the size and impact of disasters since 1980, we are working harder than ever. Austin is now the 4th most disaster-prone city in America, tied with Houston, and Texas is the most disaster-prone state in our nation, with over 100 one billion-dollar disasters. In fact, we are currently working with pastors to build a network of churches in Greater Beaumont, where over 5,000 homes were flooded by Tropical Depression Imelda, which dumped nearly 3.5 feet of rain!

Today, the demand for disaster relief networks based on our model is growing in cities in Texas and throughout the nation. Imagine the impact churches could make if they were united in training and equipping Christians to respond to disasters in cities around the country? How many souls would be won for Christ? It’s exciting to think about the kind of impact God can make through ADRN over the next 10 years as we help other cities become prepared! Would you prayerfully consider helping ADRN continue supporting families impacted by disaster and equipping the Church nationwide by making a year-end financial gift?
2019 PRAISE REPORT | His Story. His Impact.
Over the last 12 months, ADRN has assisted over 537 families and given away over $2.06 million in disaster aid to help families get back into safe and clean homes. Some of these funds went to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts as we continued funding into the repair and rebuild of homes. So far, we’ve helped fund the repair/rebuild of 103 homes, and we plan to continue funding into 60 more homes by April 2020. Other funds were sowed into relief efforts for the Hill Country Floods along with 88 other disaster incidents in Greater Austin that impacted 427 survivors.

Most of these were apartment and home fires. The good news is that every survivor is prayed for by our staff or by a Disaster Relief Shepherd , with the goal of sharing the Gospel and walking them through the recovery process until they’re back on their feet. Every survivor that comes to us for assistance receives emotional and spiritual care; a new Bible; emergency financial assistance (gift cards); 5 sets of clothing, shoes, linens and more from Hope Family Thrift Store; and ultimately the assistance they need to resettle into clean and safe homes. Click to watch our special 10 Year Anniversary video.

In October 2018, over 15 inches of rain fell in the Hill Country, flooding over 2,400 homes and impacting thousands of families. Two months prior to the disaster, Hill Country pastors were asking ADRN leadership about forming a new network in their area. Because of these pre-ordained appointments, ADRN helped launch the Highland Lakes Crisis Network (HLCN) shortly after the disaster. Today, HLCN is a network of over 30 churches and hundreds of volunteers revealing the face of Christ to those in need. HLCN has so far served over 550 survivors and sponsored 250+ families, helping them get back into clean and safe homes.

In addition to training HLCN and helping the organization adopt our model, ADRN continues to financially support the repair and rebuild of survivor homes through HLCN. The impact this united church network has had on the hearts of those affected by the floods has been tremendous. One survivor who is not a Christian recently told their Shepherd, “I have never seen churches do what they should be doing – getting out and helping people – until now.” The good news is that many survivors we’ve worked with have returned to the Church and multitudes of lives have been transformed, including the life of a blind man who can now see. Click to watch the video.

Top Goals

  • Launch ADRN’s new Volunteer Database and Online Training Platform and complete our Disaster Assistance Software (DAS). The DAS will provide access to disaster survivor info, needs and resources so ADRN, churches, ministry partners and volunteers can assist survivors quicker.

  • Launch I AM Ready and Life Sustaining Church programs. ADRN is finalizing both programs and looks forward to training Churches/Christians in this new model to enable them to provide survivors with the essentials in physical, emotional and spiritual care and to sustain life in times of disaster.

  • Develop and train an additional 10 Incident Command - Leadership Deployment Teams, giving ADRN the ability to deploy to 5 different disaster sites at one time.

  • Launch ADRN’s National Training Academy (NTA) by May 2020. In late August, we soft-launched our NTA to train and equip Christian leaders in our model. Leaders of newly formed networks from multiple U.S. cities (Orlando, Waco, Abilene and several cities from the Texas Hill Country area) and one international city (Guatemala City) participated. While the training was a huge success, ADRN’s staff is still working hard to finalize all the elements needed for a successful official launch.

Please prayerfully consider making room for ADRN in your personal/family monthly budget for 2020 and/or making a one-time donation to invest in the mission of ADRN. Our goal is to raise $750,000 by December 31, 2019. Fortunately, a foundation has agreed to match every dollar given up to $100,000! God is so good! Will you partner with us today?
Here Are Four Ways You Can Help

1) Make a one-time or monthly donation to invest in the overall mission of ADRN.

2) Invest in helping us equip and train churches in Greater Austin to be READY to respond to disasters. Since 2009, ADRN has provided top-rated spiritual, emotional and physical trainings to volunteers and churches throughout Greater Austin, with nearly 20,000 Christians in total training attendance! ADRN provides 19 different types of disaster relief trainings, the majority of which are FREE, which removes barriers for volunteers wanting to become ready. Help us keep our trainings FREE!

•   $50 covers the training expense for one volunteer’s advanced certified training
•   $100 for two volunteers’ advanced certified training
•   $250 for five volunteers’ and $500 for ten volunteers’ advanced certified training

3) Invest in ADRN’s National Training Academy (NTA). There is a great need for church networks to form and grow in key areas across our nation. Help us ensure the Church is empowered to respond effectively to the needs of potentially thousands of survivors and reveal the love of Jesus before the next disaster. Our heart is to help the local Church be the hero and exalt the Lord in times of disaster. This year we hired eight gifted employees to help develop and launch the NTA by May 2020. Will you help us equip and train spiritual leaders from other cities in ADRN’s model?

•   $1,000 investment will cover our training costs for one city
•   $3,000 investment will cover our training costs for three cities
•   $5,000 investment will cover our training costs for five cities

4) Help us complete ADRN’s Disaster Assistance Software program.
In 2019, ADRN hired a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to begin developing the technology and infrastructure needed to empower ADRN and other cities to mobilize quickly and efficiently in times of disaster. Our ultimate goal for this system is to help us sponsor over 100,000 families in the event of a catastrophic disaster by matching trained Disaster Relief Shepherds with ADRN-registered survivors. Ultimately, this tool will help us and other cities transform the way we sponsor families and the speed in which we do it.

•   $5,000 investment helps launch the Disaster Assistance Software program
•   $25,000 investment covers one-quarter of the project costs
•   $50,000 investment covers one-half of the project costs
•   $100,000 investment covers the project costs
Words cannot express our gratitude to you for standing in the gap with us and the survivors we serve! You are helping change the way the Church leads in disaster response. May God richly bless you and your family in the fullness of His grace and peace.


Daniel Geraci | ADRN Executive Director
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