Immediate input needed on Used-Car Tent Sales
We are constantly hearing from our member dealers about used-car tent sales popping up in or near their stores and many of these sellers are more in and out, leaving the area with no consumer protection backdrop.  

No dealer likes others encroaching into their market space and selling across from their investment-heavy facilities. So we need your help!

Our research to date only reveals two specific ordinances addressing tent sales: Boca Raton and Miami.

If you have worked with your municipality and developed a municipal ordinance protecting your assets and your customers from these interventions please let us know with as much detail as you can provide ( ).

Several dealers are working on new ordinance language that will preserve local markets and keep auto customers safe from these fly-by-night operators. 

Please respond if you have an ordinance or you wish to join other dealers in an effort to work with your local counties, cities and towns to model a prohibition like this ( ) .

'Tis the Season... for Scams
As we race towards the holidays and year-end, we are being alerted to multiple scams involving consumers and small businesses. Scams are a nationwide problem often asking for bank account, financial data and/or personal information. There have also been an increasing number of scam phone calls (robo-calls) to both personal and business phones.

In particular, we want to warn you NOT TO OPEN any recent email from FADA President Ted Smith that refer to "invoices due." If you receive such an email, please delete it immediately. If you have any questions, contact before opening anything suspicious.

FADA encourages you to be diligent and to alert your staff members and employees to be overly attentive to probable scams and fraud. If you suspect fraud via any electronic or telephonic communication, please contact your local law enforcement and report these instances.

Hope Scholarship Program input needed
In just a few weeks DOR will hold a workshop on the Hope Scholarship Program and FADA will have an opportunity to speak into this new program.

The initial Rule was put into place by DOR and it was fair to dealers but now other groups will be commenting and perhaps trying to make changes that may impact you as a collection agent. To provide your input, please answer our newest survey here and be as specific as possible.
Be certain your VF and MVRIS licenses are renewed by 12/31

You must renew both your dealership license with DMV and your MVRIS license with OFR by December 31. The last report we saw still had many FADA dealerships yet to renew. DO NOT LET THIS DEADLINE SLIP UP ON YOU. There will be no tolerance for those who simply do not respond. Read More.

Group Health Insurance input needed
FADA is in the initial stages of researching the possibility of a group health insurance program as a member benefit and we need your input. If you would consider this as an option for your dealership, please click here to take our short 2 question survey now.