ICS Board of Governors Announces ICS CEO Resignation

The Irvington Community School, Inc. Board of Governors (BOG) has recently accepted the resignation of its Chief Executive Officer Tim Mulherin. Mr. Mulherin joined ICS in 2007 and most recently served as the CEO since 2016. He leaves an exceptionally talented Leadership Team in place as the organization is poised to implement a number of targeted programs and initiatives specific to student support and academic achievement. Tim leaves ICS to pursue his renewed dream and love of writing, most recently publishing his first book that speaks to his passion for the outdoors and the state of Michigan. 
As is the case in most organizations, planning for the succession of leadership positions is a proactive and purposeful process. The ICS BOG is currently working through the process of identifying an interim CEO and should have that individual identified on or before August 24, 2021. Additionally, the Board has already begun to assemble the foundation of an executive search committee whose sole purpose is to conduct an effective and equitable search for the organization’s next leader. More information on this process will be forthcoming from the ICS Board of Governors. 
Again, we thank Tim for his service to Irvington Community Schools and wish him the best in this exciting endeavor!