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Lightning E-Commerce Is Here
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Newsletter - August 2018

August 2, 2018, marked a great day for Computer Perfect as our first Lightning E-Commerce site, the Pet Store Beasty Feast ( went live.  The site is elegant, lively, full of detail and very user-friendly. 

We congratulate and thank Dimitri Kelembelidis, the owner of Beasty Feast on this amazing achievement. It was largely his untiring efforts that pulled it off so successfully,

 Cheers!  Salud!  Prost!  Kanpai!

Beasty Feast goes live

 Desktop View:

The Beasty Feast E-Commerce site offers items as diverse as litter scoops and pet calming supplements and everything in between! It's truly a Nirvana for Pets. Guaranteed to make yours feel like royalty. 

As you would expect, the integration with Lighting Online Point of Sale is extremely tight.  From real-time inventory management, promotions, discount groups, customer information, loyalty rewards, store vs. online sales, real-time chat options, an array of delivery options, will pick-up at store options, staff picks, new additions, wish list, recently viewed items, an event calendar...Feel the Power of Lightning E-Commerce.   

Mobile View:

We invite you to sign up with us for our E-Commerce package in order to develop your own E-Commerce site. This is the way to grow your business and will give you an unbeatable edge over your competitors. And, the time is now. 

Until the end of December 2018, we are offering a fully integrated E-commerce website subscription FREE  for a six month Trial Period. Thereafter, you will be charged a nominal fee as follows:  
          $99.00* (Wine & Spirits Retailers)
          $49.00* (All Other Retailers).
* Users must purchase their own domain & SSL certificate

psst.....(want more....)
The Lightning Mobile App is coming soon.  Allow your customers to download your own custom branded app for iOS & Android.
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