Thursday, July 21, 2022
Special Offer
Get a Free 'Vote Pro-Life' Yard Sign
People for Life is partnering with Heritage House, one of our main sources for pro-life materials, to stress the importance of voting for solidly pro-life leaders in every election.

A free 'Vote Pro-Life' yard sign will be waiting for you at People for Life later next month if you just take a couple of minutes, today, to complete our online order form. You can access the form by clicking the link below or using the QR code, above.

Another cool thing about this opportunity is that the signs will match our ''Vote Pro-Life' billboards, which you will see popping up around Erie with greater frequency as the summer progresses.

Please tell all your pro-life contacts about this great offer.

Call 814-882-1333 if you encounter a problem with the online form or if you have any questions.

We're looking forward to seeing you when you stop by to pick up your sign!
People for Life on TV
Tim Broderick and Karli Van Der Volgen were invited to be guests, for a second time, on “Chatting with Sonya & Friends,” yesterday evening. The episode was recorded at the WICU/Erie News Now studios on State St., in Erie.

Karli is one of our newer board members. You might remember her as the emcee of the Pro-Life Breakfast this past January. Tim is the not-so-new executive director and president of the board.

Karli and Tim were also guests on an earlier episode of Chatting with Sonya & Friends, which initially aired this past Sunday morning. That episode is scheduled to run again this Saturday at 11:30 a.m.

The episode that was recorded last night will probably air at 6:30 a.m. this Sunday morning.

Podcasts of both episodes will eventually be available online from Sonya's section of the Erie News Now website.

The general topic for both episodes was abortion, of course, and the value of a human life.

Yesterday, however, Sonja and her friends, who describe themselves as pro-choice, zeroed in like a laser beam on the very unfortunate case of the 10 year old who was impregnated by a 27 year old man.

There seemed to be some effort on the part of at least one member of the panel to use (exploit?) the child’s very unfortunate experience in an attempt to evoke a general disgust for the idea that human beings should be respected and protected by law before as well as after they are born.

Both People for Life representatives held firm to the core pro-life principle that all human beings are equally valuable and must not be killed in any attempt to improve a difficult situation.

Tim and Karli were challenged with stories from the New York Times, and other such unreliable disseminators of pro-abortion propaganda, about doctors refusing to provide legitimate medical care to pregnant women in emergency situations due to fears of prosecution under pro-life state laws. The two did their best to clarify that intentional killing is entirely different from accepting the loss of a life as an unintended and unavoidable side-effect of actions meant to prevent the death of another person, the mother in this case. This distinction is, of course, fully recognized by states with laws that have been crafted to rein-in abortionists and protect unborn children.

Despite the clash of convictions, Sonya was a kind and gracious host. Both Tim and Karli would not hesitate to accept any future invitations to be on the show.
Billboard Project
Our billboards are getting noticed, and the message is loud and clear. In fact, a lady called just this morning to convey her outrage at our suggestion that everyone should "vote pro-life" and the implication that protecting innocent lives from certain death should be assigned any higher priority than her personal list of favorite causes.

We very recently received two donations that are making it possible to add an additional billboard to our lineup. The additional board will be clearly visible from the entire intersection of W. 12th St. and Peninsula Dr.

Our wish list includes a billboard on Buffalo Rd. in the Wesleyville area and an additional billboard (in a different month-long time slot) on upper Peach St., the most heavily traveled corridor in the Erie area. But if you would prefer to underwrite a different location, we would be more than thrilled to work with you.

To help us secure the next billboard, please send a check to People for Life Education Fund or use the Education Fund "Donate" button to make a credit or debit card payment. You may also phone-in your card information. Donations to the People for Life Education Fund are tax-deductible.
W. 38th St. between Peach & Cherry
Help us spread these billboards all over Erie County!