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News & Updates
Rochester and NY State's Choice for True Self Defense Training
We still have lots of training available for the upcoming year.
Join us!
Scroll down for an announcement about the 2022 session of the Handgun Master Program!!!!!


Veteran's Benefit Event
On September 18, we will be at the Ontario Rod and Gun Club for their Veteran's Benefit Event. This Vet's event has helped to support a great many veterans in our local community. In one case, it helped a single mom feed and clothe her 4 kids and supplied her with groceries for a couple months while she recovered from an illness. We need to support those who served for us!

Two great sessions for handgun training are available for YOU!

One session will run from 930 until 12 Noon and the second will run from 1pm till 330pm. The cost is only 50.00 and all of the proceeds will go towards the Veteran's benefit fund.

We're urging you to come out as there will be raffles, giveaways, and other great activities.

Please tell your friends, family, co -workers, etc about this great event.

Vehicle Defensive Tactics
We rescheduled the 2 day special Vehicle Tactics Course/Executive Options combo. Now, it is going to be held on October 30 and 31. This course will be a live fire on day 1, then on day 2, you'll have a fully immersive interactive training session. Nothing will prepare you for a real life encounter like interactive training. Register soon and then block the days off. You'll thank yourself for it!

The deadline to register is the end of September so hurry up so you can help guarantee that this course happens!

***If you have completed our 1 day Vehicle Defense Tactics course, you can get a discount for the package. You have to email or call for details.

Top Tier Use Of Force and Legalities Training
Massad Ayoob of the Massad Ayoob Group will be here in Rochester on November 13 and 14 for the Armed Citizen's Rules of Engagement (MAG-20) classroom course. Mas is known as THE subject matter expert in the defensive use of firearms. His training is without equal and at the top of the list as a MUST DO course. It's two full days of education about the laws and self defense. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MUST DO COURSES!!!!


How you can follow us:

We've been doing more and more on the varied social media platforms as possible.

MeWe Alumni page: https://mewe.com/join/rpdllc

We're on InstaGram too: Look for us at @rpdllctraining and @rochpersdef

You can also check us out on YouTube as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ktGQLa0gZuirhVLUZevMA


NRA Pistol Instructor.
This is a three part course. Part 1 is the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting. Part 2 is the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) and Part 3 is the Pistol Instructor Module.

Currently, the only one I have scheduled is the following:
October 16, Basics of Pistol Shooting.
November 6 and 7, BIT and Pistol Instructor module.

Tuition for all three dates is $495. Once you register for the Pistol Instructor course, you are automatically registered for the October 16 course. If you have completed the BOPS within the last 2 years, call me.

USCCA Instructor
This is a course that will give you more to use - especially in the concealed carry topics. Currently set for December 4 and 5, this two day course will give you the ability to use three variations of a main course to fit your client's needs. This is a great additional rating to obtain to give you more flexibility and reach for instructing.

You'll need to have some experience as a student in a live fire defensive handgun course.


I have just made arrangements with Lake Martin Machine Gun, an ammunition manufacturer, to purchase ammunition at a wholesale pricing rate. The ammunition they make is very high quality.

That means we can get you your ammunition even cheaper.

Here's what I can order:
9mm in 115, 124, and 147gr.
38 special
40 S&W
45 ACP
45 Long Colt
458 SOCOM.

Pricing does fluctuate but I can say that the prices WILL be cheaper than what you can find.

Currently, we have 5000 rds of 9mm in stock. If you need 9mm, email or call me ASAP and grab this up!

If you need ammo for one of our courses, call me ASAP and we will connect.
(Registered students always get preference on ammunition)

We found that if you don't have ammunition, you won't train. That's why we found a source for 9mm (and some other calibers as well)

Email or call the office and let us know what and how much you need!!!

I have a small batch of misc ammo available. CALL FOR PRICES

  1. 2 boxes of 9mm Makarov (S&B)
  2. 1 box of 9x18 from Norinco

We also now have DEFENSIVE AMMO!!!!

I bet you'd like some GREAT JHP/Defensive rounds, wouldn't you?

I have a small supply of Federal EFMJ (Expanding Full Metal Jacket) in 9mm. This ammunition is considered defensive ammunition.


If you have completed one of our Full/Unrestricted Carry courses in the past, you are able to come and obtain more training and brush on on your skills? The newly renamed Practical CCW course is just for you. With this new offer, you can come back, do the live fire portion - or sit in on the course again (spots are limited) for 50% of the tuition! For just 95.00 and 100rds of ammo, you can get another session from our professional instructors. All you have to do is call! (585-406-6758)

Handgun Combatives courses

If you are looking for a solid program that will elevate your personal skills to a new level, take a look at the Handgun Combatives courses that Dave is teaching.

Essential Pistol
Combative Pistol
Kinetic Combat Pistol
Adaptive Combat Pistol

All of these courses are taught by Dave Jenkins, one of 19 certified Handgun Combatives Instructors in the US.

In 2019, Dave underwent a rigorous training series under the founder's guidance, Dave Spaulding, to become certified to instruct this curriculum. Why Handgun Combatives? It's because the RPD, LLC curriculum was already very similar and Dave wanted to learn what more he could do to expand and teach at a higher level. This was it.

Come and experience what Dave and the Handgun Combatives curriculum can teach you. There are dates set for the Rochester, NY area, Leesburg, Florida, and Yale, VA are already. Inquire about hosting a course yourself and you could receive free training!


The 2022 Handgun Master Program is open!

Training announcement.  
With the success and popularity of the 2021 Handgun Master Program, it is time to make the formal announcement for the 2022 HMP!!!! 
The 2022 Handgun Master Training Group Program.  
What is this program?
The Handgun Master Program is one that will develop you, the participant, into a professional, efficient, safe, and highly competent concealed carrier by a continual path of instruction that is specifically designed to advance and solidify your skillset to a near intuitive level.  
Instruction will be given primarily by David S Jenkins, Matthew Underwood, and guest instructors depending on topic and need.  
The details:  
The attendees of the Handgun Master Program will be those who have been hand selected to join. Positions will be limited to a specific amount. This group will meet once a month for training and will continue to train and develop as a team as well as individual progression. Unless a major event or weather prevents the group from meeting, it is a guaranteed training day.  
Required skill-set to enter: 
This is an intermediate to advanced level of training. You must be able to safely perform the following:  
Draw and present your handgun 
Operate your handgun with little effort (loading, unloading, etc) 
Clear malfunctions 
Be familiar with defensive course safety rules.  
Training prerequisites: (need actual documentation or confirmation) 
Basic handgun fundamental skill training 
Concealed carry format course experience.  
RPD, LLC/LPTG experience is best 
You, the participant, will train alongside other like minded individuals as a team to develop into highly experienced and proficient shooters. The camaraderie and learning possible in this setting will be unmatched in other courses. The group dynamics will allow for support, feedback, and competitive advancement throughout the process.  
On the first session, there will be training on First Aid, CPR, and AED and Trauma Care. The second session will begin with a skill evaluation and baseline development session. The remaining sessions will build upon the previous. Topics will include (but may not be limited to): fundamental CCW skills, movement in conflict, one handed, tactical/two person skills, off position shooting, dynamic shooting, target threat assessment, stress/cognitive shooting, and more.  
There will be assigned reading, research, and practice to do in between training sessions to reinforce the skill development.  
By the end of the program, you will have gained a regimen of learning, skills, and have progressed through and will hone yourself and your skills, completed coursework, and have been measured against high end industry standards such as Rangemaster, Handgun Combatives, Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Glock, Sig Academy, and more.  
Participants will also have a chance to attempt the “Knight’s Quest” drill. This drill will be achievable but not easy. It is a “skill on demand” type drill and a focus/concentration drill. It will test you on a street level/concealed carry competence set of skills. Those who complete it will receive a special award symbolizing their achievement.  
Materials needed:  
- Defensive or CCW handgun- of a proper size for you 
- A quality holster and magazine holder 
- Extra magazines (we suggest 3 to 4 extra) 
- A personal first aid kit (provided after Training Day 1) 
- A maintenance kit for your handgun (cleaning/lube/etc) 
- Approx. 2000-2500 rounds of ammunition throughout the series (I CAN SOURCE YOUR AMMO IF NEEDED) 
- Eye and ear protection 
- Note taking material 
- Normal clothing and gear. No specialized equipment needed.  
- Battlebelts and other gear will be allowed on occasion but since this training is geared towards CONCEALED CARRY, CCW holsters and gear are required.  
Starting on the third Saturday of February 2022, the sessions will continue until November 2022. Unless a major event or weather prevents the group from meeting, it is a guaranteed training day. Based on weather or need, we may double up dates if required.  
The cost for the program is $1950. This covers all the range fees, instructors (in house and guest) and other materials needed for the delivery of the program. If you commit and pay in full prior to September 30, there is a $200 discount. The cost can be divided up in two payments. A deposit of 50% can be paid to hold your seat in the program, and the final payment must be completed by the deadline. (As this is a specialized program, no discounts, credits, or other offers can be honored) 
Final Commitment deadline:  
November 30, 2021. You must make your full payment by then.  
THIS IS NOT AN OPEN ENROLLMENT PROGRAM. Not everyone will be accepted. You MUST contact me and provide your training background to be considered. If you are a serious student and want to make that jump and become highly proficient, this is the program for you. This is not a new shooter's course format. You must have already successfully completed some coursework in defensive handgun training. 
If you are interested, email me at rpdllctraining@gmail.com or call me at 585-749-7650.  
Don't pass this chance up by waiting! 

You're safe until you're not. For a lot of people, a comfort level exists because they live in a low crime area or they work at a relatively safe job, etc. I learned a long time ago that denial is a soft fuzzy blanket that we wrap ourselves in - and it's an unsafe state of mind. There are predators among us who will take every opportunity to do whatever it is they want; all they need is the chance. We'll train you to be prepared and stay safe.

David S. Jenkins
NRA/USCCA Training Counselor
Handgun Combatives, LLC Certified Instructor
Founder, Director of Training and Development
Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
The Eagle's Range Ontario Rod & Gun
2523 Trimble Road
Ontario, NY 14519
Canandaigua Sportsmen's Club
5280 Emerson Road Canandaigua, NY 14424
Rod & Gun Club
7470 Bull Street Bridgeport, NY 13030