April 3, 2016
I t's Your Venice -- Get Involved!
Mass, Scale and Character Committee Releases Draft Report
Our  Ad Hoc Committee on Mass, Scale and Character has released its Draft Report on Mass, Scale and Character to the Venice Neighborhood Council Board.  

Sue Kaplan and her committee deserve our heartfelt thanks and congratulations for their incredible dedication to this long-term project undertaken on behalf of the Venice community.

You are invited to review the report, available on the  Committee's webpage:

Please feel free to send comments to msc-comments@venicenc.org.
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The Neighborhood Council system is growing.  VNC is, too.  Learn more about us  here .

In addition to seeking new Board members and Committee Chairs, we are always looking for good people to serve on VNC committees.  

Now is the perfect time to get involved!  

For more information, contact  Mike Newhouse  or  Marc Saltzberg .              
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