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June 4, 2017
Wrapping Up the Academic Year
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05.07 Towards a Value-Based Public Health
04.30 Population Health Is Key to Creating a Safe, Secure Country
04.23 Crying “Crisis”
04.16 Fairness and Public Health
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Featured Summer Institute Course
Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of Public Health Programs
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‘There Is Only Us’
[SLIDESHOW] At 2017 SPH Convocation, Liz Walker urged graduates to employ grace in their work to heal communities.
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Exposure to PCE-Contaminated Water Linked to Increased Risks of Teenage Drug Use
[VIDEO] Residents born between 1969 and 1983 who were exposed in utero in eight Cape Cod towns had higher risks of drug use.
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Married Couples with Common Ancestry Share Similar Genes
[VIDEO] In first of its kind investigation into mating patterns across generations, researchers used genomic data to characterize ancestry of 879 participant spouse pairs.
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Professor Honored by Society of General Internal Medicine
Jeffrey Samet, professor of community health sciences, receives SGIM award for CARE unit.
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Student Co-Creates App to Improve Surgery Recovery
[VIDEO] MD/MPH student Samir Haroon co-develops ICOUGH Recovery to help patients follow protocols after surgery.
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In the Classroom: Students Consult on Promoting Telehealth
Students in Communication Strategies for Public Health create communications plan for telehealth provider, host webinar on April 27.
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Maternal Mortality Rising in US, with Wide Disparities
Deaths of black women 2.8 times more likely than whites, and 3.6 times more likely than Hispanics, in 27 states and District of Columbia.
Alumni NEWS
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Activism in a Box
Alumna Sera Bonds launches ActivateUs, activism kit subscription service funding reproductive healthcare crisis response.
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'We Need to Do Whatever We Can to Regain the Trust of the Public'
[VIDEO] Richard Saitz, chair of community health sciences, on why public health should help reaffirm belief in science.
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‘There’s a Different Story to Be Told’
Alumnus Ali Noorani on engaging “Bibles, badges, and businesses” to advocate for immigrants.
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American Health Care Act v. Affordable Care Act: Contrasting Views of Responsibility for Health
Senators will be deciding between personal responsibility and social solidarity in health care.
by Wendy K. Mariner
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‘It’s Not About Feeling; It’s About Knowing’
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'There’s a Very Different Conversation to Have About This Issue'
[VIDEO] At Dean’s Seminar, alumnus Ali Noorani, director of the National Immigration Forum, discussed the growth of common ground among immigration advocates and special-interest groups.
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7 Dresses 4 Health
What is the role of the artist activist in public health?
by Marian Brown, executive director, Arts Connect International
Boston Globe
Immigrants, Refugees Too Afraid to Seek Critical Help from Food Pantries, Domestic Violence Resources — quotes Sondra Crosby, associate professor of health law, policy & management
Washington Post
One Little Drop of Your Blood May Someday Predict How Long You’ll Live — quotes Paola Sebastiani, professor of biostatistics
Rich Americans Live 15 Years Longer Than Poor Counterparts: Study — quotes Jacob Bor, assistant professor of global health
Washington Post
Long-Term Birth Control Is the Most Reliable. So Why Do So Few Young Women Use It? — quotes student Kristyn Brandi
Boston Herald
Research: Hunger Hurts Kids’ Long-Term Health — quotes Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba, alumna, student, and Data Coordinating Center project director
The Nation
Who Decides Feminism? — letter to the editor by alumnus Faiz Kidwai
Scientific American
Survivors of the Gas Attack in Syria Face Long-Term Illness — quotes Kimberly Sullivan, research assistant professor of environmental health
ALUMNI RECEPTION—Running Out of Cure: How Latin America Tackles Antibiotic Resistance, with Professor Veronika Wirtz
Thursday, June 15, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Surfcomber, 1717 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL.
ALUMNI RECEPTION—Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) 2017
Thursday, June 22, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Frolik, 1415 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA.
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