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December 4, 2016
SPH 40th Anniversary: End-of-Year Reflections and Looking Ahead
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11.13 The Election and “the Other”
11.06 The Language of Public Health
10.30 10 Steps for a Healthier America
10.16 On Knowledge and Values
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Hundreds Celebrate at SPH 40th Anniversary Gala
Culminating yearlong celebration, distinguished alumni and public health leaders gathered at State Room on November 17.
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In Essential Medicines Access, Progress and Challenges Around the World
Lancet Commission on Essential Medicines Policies, co-chaired by Veronika Wirtz, released global report on November 8.
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Many Adolescents Still Not Receiving HPV Vaccine
[VIDEO] Completion rate remains low; provider recommendation factor in vaccine acceptance.
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Probing Soda Company Sponsorship of Health Groups
Two largest soda companies sponsored at least 96 national health organizations from 2011 to 2015.
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Nearly Every American Will Know Victim of Gun Violence
Likelihood of Americans knowing gun violence victim over lifetime is over 99 percent.
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Public Health and the Holocaust
[VIDEO] Michael Grodin receives Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program mentor award for work with 4+1 student.
Alumni NEWS
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Midwife Takes on Humanitarian Disasters from Syria to Texas
Alumna Sera Bonds on working with reproductive health around the world.
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In the Classroom: To Teach Trauma, Alumnus Tells His Story
Joseph King teaches trauma-informed approach to public health in social and behavioral sciences course.
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Avoiding Death on the Highway and Other Public Health Benefits of Clear Writing
[VIDEO] Together we can, and should, foster a culture that values clear, precise communication as a core instrument, function, and goal of public health.
by Jennifer Beard
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Scenes from 40th Anniversary Gala
[SLIDESHOW] On November 17, more than 300 community members, public health leaders, and friends of the School of Public Health celebrated four decades forward.
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'Place Matters a Lot'
[VIDEO] At Public Health Forum, Virginia Commonwealth University Professor Steven Woolf talked about factors that affect US life expectancy.
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'Prevention Is a Disaster'
[VIDEO] At Dean's Seminar, Francois Venter, executive director of Wits RHI, explored global chasm between HIV treatment and prevention.
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'Health Insurance Is Not the Same as Healthcare'
[VIDEO] At Public Health Forum, Harvard Medical School faculty member Marcia Angell argued America's market-based healthcare system dooms ACA.
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'A Disagreement Between Public Health and Public Health'
[VIDEO] During annual Bicknell Lecture, speakers Linda Bauld, Ronald Bayer, and Andrea C. Villanti discussed current research, innovation, and public policy around e-cigarettes.
Veronika Wirtz: Global Leader in Improving Access to Medicines — profiles Veronika Wirtz, associate professor of global health.
When ‘Bioethics’ Harms Those It Is Meant to Protect— quotes George Annas, professor of health law, policy & management.
New York Times
After Torture, Ex-Detainee Is Still Captive of ‘The Darkness’ — quotes Sondra Crosby, associate professor of health law, policy & management.
Huffington Post
How Little-Known Tax Laws Could Drive Down Our Suicide Rate — quotes Ziming Xuan, assistant professor of community health sciences.
Rules on Readmission May Hurt Safety-Net Hospitals — quotes Kathleen Carey, professor of health law, policy & management.
Boston Globe
Massachusetts Mobilizes to Help Haitian Relief — quotes alumnus Conor Shapiro.
What a Trump Presidency Might Mean For Global Health — opinion by alumnus James Michiel.
BUSPH Regional Reception in San Francisco
Wednesday, January 11, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, InterContinental Mark Hopkins.
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