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September 3, 2017
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Upcoming Signature Event
Spirituality and Public Health: How Religious Disciplines Impact Human Health
SEP 13
4:30 p.m.–6 p.m.
Hiebert Lounge, 72 East Concord Street, Boston
Think. Teach. Do.
For the Health of All
Dean's Notes
07.23   On Schools of Public Health and the Need to Engage Difficult, Complex, Competing Ideas
07.16   On Compassion
07.09   On Responding to Unanticipated, Large-Scale Health Challenges
07.02   Transportation and the Health of Populations
access to medicines
Professor, Alumni Co-Author Journal’s Most Influential Article
Article by Richard Laing and alumni Abhishek Sharma and Lindsey Rorden was Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice’s most influential of 2016.
gun safety
More Guns Now Being Purchased for Self-Defense Than Recreation
Guns are increasingly being viewed as having primary role in self-defense rather than hunting or sport.
in memoriam
In Memoriam:
Jim Burgess
Professor of health law, policy & management made major contributions to health economics field as researcher, editor, and teacher.
In Uganda to Serve
Together with other interns from Uganda Village Project, Emily Liebo works to improve community health and well-being in rural communities of Iganga District.
refugee Health
Training Clinicians to Improve Refugee Health
Experts in refugee health will share in three-year grant to train future physicians to better serve refugee and immigrant populations.
In Conversation With
‘I Don’t See Demand Slowing Down’
Associate Dean for Education Lisa Sullivan on new edition of her book, growing demand for biostatisticians, and helping students stop fearing math.
traumatic brain injury
Video / SPH
No Link Found Between Traumatic Brain Injury and Cognitive Decline
Relationship between TBI and long-term cognitive impacts poorly understood due to limitations of previous studies.
In the Media
Gun Sales Spike as People Buy Deadlier Weapons to Protect Themselves — quotes Michael Siegel, professor of community health sciences.
New York Times
There’s Only One Grocery Store in Most Rural Areas. Should We Expect Two Health Insurers? — quotes Jon Kingsdale, associate professor of the practice of health law, policy & management.
Racism Is Part of the Health Care Debate — opinion by Dean Sandro Galea.
Washington Post
Some Scientists Have Been Their Own Guinea Pigs in the Lab — quotes George Annas, William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor of health law, policy & management.
Boston Globe
Where Conditions Are Harsh, a Shelter Is Offered — opinion by Jennifer Beard, clinical professor of global health.
Oregon Just Became the 5th State To Raise Its Smoking Age to 21 — quotes William DeJong, professor of community health sciences.
Measuring the Health of the Climate by How Sick We Aren’t — opinion by Jonathan Levy, professor of environmental health, Madeleine L. Scammell, assistant professor of environmental health, and Wendy Heiger-Bernays, clinical professor of environmental health.
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Supervised Injection Facilities: The Time Is Now
By William N. Brownsberger, Senator, Second Suffolk and Middlesex District, Massachusetts
Senator William Brownsberger, sponsor of bill to create framework for legal operation of supervised injection facilities (SIFs) in Massachusetts, on debate surrounding SIFs.
Summer Institute 2017
Scenes from PHX Summer Institute
slideshow / SPH
More than 100 people came to campus to participate in inaugural PHX Summer Institute June 19–23.
Looking Ahead
DEAN'S SEMINAR—1985: Voices from the AIDS Crisis
Thursday, September 7, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm, 670 Albany Street.
DEAN'S SYMPOSIUM—Community Health Sciences: Defining the Field
Tuesday, September 12, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Hiebert Lounge.
DEAN'S SEMINAR—Spirituality and Public Health: How Religious Disciplines Impact Human Health
Wednesday, September 13, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm, Hiebert Lounge.
PUBLIC HEALTH FORUM—Slow Learners: Cross-Border Lessons in Healthcare Reform
Wednesday, September 27, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm, Hiebert Lounge.
Think. Teach. Do. Showcase
Thursday, October 12, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm, Hiebert Lounge.
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