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June 19, 2016
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A Hate Crime Against LGBT Communities, With Weapons of War
On the tragedy in Orlando.
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The Toxic Mix of Guns and Hate
[VIDEO] Dean Sandro Galea calls for government action to stem the deadly merger of access to weapons and senseless hate.
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It’s Time for Congress to Act
[VIDEO] Professor Michael Siegel on the overdue need to restore federal funding for research into gun violence.
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Stopping Violence Against LGBTQ People of Color
[VIDEO] Clinical Assistant Professor Sophie Godley speaks out on disproportionate rate of hate crimes.
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We Have to Turn Our Anger into Action
[VIDEO] Associate Dean for Public Health Practice Harold Cox says it is time to demand gun control.
Take action.
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Three State Laws Identified That Can Reduce Gun Deaths
[VIDEO] Ballistic imprinting and background checks could reduce gun deaths by more than 80 percent nationwide.
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Firearm Ownership Closely Tied to Suicide Rates
[VIDEO] Ownership explains 71 percent of variation in state-level gun suicide rates for males and 49 percent for females.
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Link Between Gun Ownership Rates and Murders of Women
[VIDEO] Ownership rates explain 40 percent of state-by-state variance in female homicide rates.
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Restrictive Gun Control Policies Lower Youth Gun Carrying
Higher adult gun ownership levels also associated with higher prevalence of youth carrying guns.
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Higher Gun Ownership Rates Linked to Increase in Non-Stranger Homicide
States with higher estimated rates of gun ownership experience higher incidence of non-stranger firearms homicides.
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Link Between Rates of Gun Ownership and Homicides
"Robust correlation" between estimated levels of ownership and actual gun homicides at state level.
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Difficulty—and Resiliency—for LGBTQ Youth of Color
[VIDEO] Student Adele Levine’s practicum put Fenway Institute survey Our Health Matters into context.
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Professor: ‘Let’s Focus on Real Threats to Health and Well-Being’
Community health sciences clinical assistant professor Sophie Godley on North Carolina anti-transgender law.
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Professor Guest-Edits Special Cancer Issue of LGBT Health
Ulrike Boehmer calls for greater attention to cancer burden of LGBT populations.