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July 10, 2016
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Social Welfare and the Utility of Promoting Health
How can public health benefit from a social welfare approach to improving wellbeing across and within populations?
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Better Follow-Up Needed for Women after Gestational Diabetes
Postpartum screening for diabetes hampered by barriers.
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More Efforts Needed to Address Dental Care Disparities
African Americans have lower rates of tooth-preserving dental procedures.
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For Sex Workers, Alumna Shows Decriminalization Improves Health
[VIDEO] Alumna Meghan Hynes publishes study comparing sex work in South Africa, Sweden, and New Zealand.
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Professor Receives Highest American Heart Association Honor
Emelia J. Benjamin awarded 2016 Gold Heart Award for her leadership in AHA.
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Childhood Malnutrition and Sex Ed in Nicaragua
In Quezalguaque, students survey child nutrition and create curricula for 7th through 10th graders.
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Swimming in Sh*t
Zika isn't the only concern at next month's Olympics—Rio de Janeiro's inadequate sanitation is sounding another public health alarm.
by Ann Aschengrau
‘There’s No Detox When You’re Dead’: Boston Wants Users to Get High Under Medical Supervision — quotes alumnus Karsten Lunze and Dean Sandro Galea.
Worchester Telegram
As I See It: Sex Ed Just Didn’t Make the Grade — opinion by student Sheila Mwangi.
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal
Ron Johnson Pursues Radio Talker’s Vaping Cause — mentions Michael Siegel, professor of community health sciences.
BU Today
Doing Double Duty — profiles alumna Miriam Brody, research assistant in the Health & Disability Research Institute.