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May 1, 2016
Annual Faculty Review Process Begins May 1
Faculty and Staff Encouraged to Contribute to Annual Leadership Review
A Welcome to Professors Stein and Hibberd; a Thank You to Search Groups
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­Social Norms and the Health of Popuations
Social norms are the rules of behavior that govern our interactions with others. What is the role of social norms in shaping the health of populations?
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'You Can Either Run into the Fire or Run Away from the Fire'
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One-Fifth of Young Drinkers Report Consuming 'Jello Shots'
[VIDEO] Jello shot consumers found to have heavier, riskier drinking patterns.
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Living Near Highways Raises Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes
Differences found in risk among diverse ethic/racial groups across Boston.
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'Ideal Cardiovascular Health Index' Protective Against Dementia
Adherence to guidelines protects against all forms of vascular brain injury.
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Alumna Receives Presidential Award
Carrie Reed selected for Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.
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Student Leads International Medical Association General Assembly
Salma Abdalla served as plenary chairperson at International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations General Assembly in March.
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How to Contain Zika in the US
[VIDEO] Mosquito vectors arriving this spring could pose a risk to some Southern US populations. Here's what we need to do to minimize that risk.
by Donald Thea
ABC News
Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller and Heroin Addiction? — quotes Richard Saitz, professor of community health sciences.
Wall Street Journal
How to Make Cities Healthier Places to Live — opinion by Dean Sandro Galea.
Many Doctors Hold Racist Beliefs About How Black People Feel Pain — quotes David Rosenbloom, professor and chair of health law, policy & management.
US News & World Report
Do You Need a Vaccination for Your Next Trip? — quotes Davidson Hamer, professor of global health.
Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Back Pain: Longer Car Commutes May Harm Your Health — quotes Jonathan Levy, professor of environmental health.
Impact of the Greek Economic Crisis on Health and Healthcare
Monday, May 2, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, CT305.
Faculty Breakfast with Dean Galea
Tuesday, May 3, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Hiebert Lounge.
National Cancer Institute Webinar Featuring Dean Sandro Galea: Will Precision Medicine Improve Public Health?
Tuesday, May 3, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, online.
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