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June 28, 2015
Faculty Discretionary Funds: A Modified Approach
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Health and the LGBT Community: A Step Forward
The Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality is a step towards removing the barriers that marginalize and limit the health of LGBT populations.
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Boston Public Housing Residents Lack Access to Healthy Foods
Study finds travel to low-cost, high-quality markets hampers city public housing residents? access to nutritional foods.
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Addition of Benzodiazepines Increases Risk of Overdose among Opioid Users
Benzodiazepines?medications commonly used to treat anxiety and insomnia?are often prescribed for patients also receiving high doses of opioid analgesics.
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Alan Jette Named Editor-in-Chief of Physical Therapy Journal
Jette, a professor of health policy and management, will begin his five-year term on January 1, 2016.
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Maternal and Child Health Program Named ?Center of Excellence?
Centers of Excellence serve as ?innovative resource and education centers for the recruitment, training, and retention of underrepresented minority students and faculty.?
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Professor Wins AHRQ Mentorship Award
James Burgess was honored as an outstanding faculty member in a National Research and Service Award institutional training program.
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SCOTUScare for Obamacare
The 6-3 ruling in King v. Burwell reveals the Court?s growing understanding of health reform.
by Wendy Mariner
U.S. News & World Report
Despite SCOTUS Ruling, Challenges Remain for Obamacare ? quotes David Jones, assistant professor of health policy and management.
MedPage Today
Court Saves Obamacare?s Bacon ? quotes Alan Sager, professor of health policy and management.
Two Surveys Find That Almost All Regular Vapers Are Smokers ? references an article by Michael Siegel, professor of community health sciences.
Wallet Hub
Strictest And Most Lenient States On DUI ? quotes Ziming Xuan, assistant professor of community health sciences.
Seacoast Online
Report: Federal PFC Levels Not Protective Enough ? quotes Richard Clapp, professor emeritus of environmental health.
Hawaii Raised its Smoking Age to 21. But Will it Work? ? quotes William DeJong, professor of community health sciences.