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January 31, 2016
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Dean's Symposium
Beyond Ferguson: Social Injustice and the Health of the Public
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Kick-Off Celebration
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Learning from Flint
The residents of Flint have been drinking contaminated water despite years of public protests about its poor quality. Why? What can we learn from this incident?
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Alain Beaudet: Need to Better Address Health Inequities
[VIDEO] At Public Health Forum, president of Canadian Institutes of Health Research laid out country's public health goals.
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Link Between Gun Ownership Rates and Murders of Women
[VIDEO] Ownership rates explain 40 percent of state-by-state variance in female homicide rates.
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Toxic Exposures Caused Illness in Gulf War Veterans
Links to pesticides and anti-nerve-gas pills given to troops lead researchers to conclude, “We did it to ourselves.”
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Research Is Missing ‘What Matters’
Universities and their funders need to do more to identify and pursue root causes of health problems, including disparities, violence, and mental stress.
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Research Assistant Creates Health App
Carly Carlin and friends launched SimpleSteps, app to develop better health habits, in December.
State by State, More Guns Mean More Killing of Women — references study by Michael Siegel, professor of community health sciences, and Emily Rothman, associate professor of community health sciences.
New York Times
Massachusetts Chief’s Tack in Drug War: Steer Addicts to Rehab, Not Jail — quotes David Rosenbloom, professor and chair of health law, policy & management.
Tech Times
Gulf War Syndrome Mystery Solved? Scientists Believe Exposure to Toxins Caused Veteran Illnesses — references study by Roberta White, professor and chair of environmental health.
A Bloomberg Presidential Bid Would Reignite Feisty Public Health Debate — quotes Dean Sandro Galea.
BuzzFeed News
Mosquitoes Will Spread Zika to the Americas, World Health Organization Says — quotes Davidson Hamer, professor of global health.
Faculty Breakfast with Dean Galea
Tuesday, February 2, 9:00 am – 10:00 am, Founders Room.
Let's Talk: Identity, Social Justice, Public Health
Tuesday, February 2, 4:30 pm – 5:50 pm, Hiebert Lounge.
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