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Final workshop of the SAMT and STYLE projects - Recommendations for future sustainability assessment, 6 October 2016, Brussels

The three SPIRE04-2014 projects, MEASURE, STYLE and SAMT are collaborating to develop a harmonised roadmap of recommendations for the use of sustainability assessment in the European Process Industries. A final stakeholder event of the projects SAMT and STYLE will take place on 6 October in Brussels.

Within the workshop, the findings of the projects will be summarized and a draft of a harmonized roadmap for sustainability assessment will be presented. The workshop will provide stakeholders a final opportunity to influence the outcome of the projects - recommendations to the European Commission for future development needs.
Registration to the workshop will open in June.

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Open Demonstration workshop of Mobile and Flexible Industrial Processing of Biomass, 14-16 June 2016

MefCO2 aims to produce green methanol as energy vector from captured CO2 and hydrogen produced using surplus renewable energy. The technology is being designed in a modular intermediate scale, with the aim of being able to adapt it to varying plant sizes and gas composition.
As part of the dissemination actions designed for this project, i-deals , project coordinator, introduced MefCO2 to its target audience in two renowned sustainable energy events: the Cleantech Forum Europe (Lyon, France) and the Ecosummit (Berlin, Germany). With the main objective of gathering feedback form the main actors within the energy industry and start building the network for the future commercialization of the project's outcome, i-deals presented the main results obtained so far and the potential business opportunity behind the future implementation of the solution coupled with large CO2 emitters. In addition to this, MefCO2 was presented as a success story during the Impact Workshop held in Brussels in April 2016.  

EPOS first newsletter is out! 
The project EPOS focuses on 'Enhanced energy and resource - Efficiency and Performance - in process industry Operations - via onsite and cross-sectorial Symbiosis'. It brings together 5 global process industries - in 5 cross-sectorial clusters covering 5 key relevant sectors: steel, cement, minerals, chemicals and engineering.  The partners joined forces with the aim of enhancing energy and resource efficiency in the EPOS clusters, all across Europe. Each cluster has a lead site, driven by one of the project sectors - and has one or two neighbouring industries from another sector - or even a local community. The EPOS objective is to develop a simple and single management tool for cross-sectorial industrial symbiosis - by providing a wide range of technological as well as organisational cluster solutions - for making industry more efficient, more cost-effective, more competitive and more sustainable - across process sectors.

The EPOS 6-month strategic meeting was held on 7-8 March 2016 in Crans-Montana (CH). The meeting was an occasion to give update of the most relevant management news, composition of the management bodies and procedures.

FISSAC joins the European Demolition Association (EDA) Annual Convention
The FISSAC project involves stakeholders at all levels of the construction and demolition value chain to develop a methodology and software platform to facilitate information exchange, that can support industrial symbiosis networks and replicate pilot schemes at local and regional levels.  On 10 June 2016 FISSAC joins the European Demolition Association (EDA) Annual Convention.  FISSAC has been selected to deliver a keynote at the opening of the EDA Annual Convention which takes place in Glasgow on 9-11 June 2016. The talk will focus on best practices and lessons learnt in industrial symbiosis and will summarise the findings from the sixty project cases compiled by the FISSAC partners. 

Furthermore, FISSAC second General Assembly meeting will take place on 1 8-19 May 2016. The  consortium will meet to discuss preliminary findings and project progress. A series of parallel technical working groups is foreseen: EAF slag, LF slag, glass waste, ceramic waste (Group I), aluminium waste and marble slurry (Group II)and tyre rubber, plastic waste, wood waste (Group III). The meeting will also outline the work plan for the coming months and coordinate FISSAC presence in external conferences and workshops.   
First year achievements of CONSENS
CONSENS, the European funded project on integrated process control and sensing is now one year old. The project has made significant progress towards the factory of the future by developing novel sensors and integrated process control techniques.  The research and development towards this goal has been driven by industrial Case Studies from three different important areas of chemical production. 

The first consultation with the Cross-sectorial Advisory Board of the European research project CONSENS took place in conjunction with a plenary meeting at the Clariant Innovation Center in Frankfurt am Main one year after the project's launch. The Advisory Board gathers key stakeholders of process industries that could profit from the project results on integrated process control for flexible intensified continuous plants. The feedback from the Cross-sectorial Advisory Board can be found  here.

REE4EU: first six months progress meeting
On 19-20 April, all partners involved in the REE4EU project met in Halmstad (Sweden), for the first six months progress meeting. The project, funded in the frame of Horizon 2020 SPIRE-07-2015, will realize a breakthrough innovation in the field of Recovery Technologies for Metals and other Minerals. It will make available rare earth alloys for permanent magnet production by developing, for the first time at pre-industrial scale, an efficient and cost effective method of extraction and a direct production route for rare earth alloys from in-process and end-of-life permanent magnets as well as Ni metal hydride battery waste. The meeting focused on the projects' updates and ongoing activities, and a video was filmed by the hosting partner STENA, showing the latest advances in the project.

ROMEO first newsletter is out!
The ROMEO project tackles process intensification for catalytic-driven and eco-friendly reaction systems. ROMEO stands for "Reactor Optimisation by Membrane Enhanced Operation".  ROMEO focuses on a new reactor concept to drastically reduce energy consumption. It will lead to the manufacturing of bulk chemicals at considerably lower operational and investment costs.  The aim of ROMEO is to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and emissions by up to 90% in industrial catalytic gas-phase reactions.  ROMEO's 9 partners team up for 4 years to demonstrate the technical feasibility of this reactor concept.
SPIRE Brokerage event - 15 June 2016
The 4th SPIRE brokerage event will take place on 15 June 2016.  This brokerage event will offer a networking space to exchange the latest information on the Horizon2020 work programme for 2017, present  innovative ideas to the SPIRE audience, meet potential partners and start building consortia.  
The networking session will be enriched with the presence of different innovative SMEs from across Europe that will show their innovative technologies in a poster session. This session will allow the members of A.SPIRE to identify and support new innovation and business opportunities based on novel technologies in process industry or create new partnerships.  Attendance is restricted to A.SPIRE members and by invitation only. 

Stay tuned as more information will be circulated by email!
SPIRE Impact Workshop 2016
The second SPIRE Impact Workshop was held in Brussels on 21-22 April 2016. The r esults of EU funded research & innovation projects in the field of the Sustainable Process Industry Public-Public Private Partnership (SPIRE cPPP) were presented during  three serial session covering:
  • Efficient Processes
  • Process Control and Associated Parameters
  • Sustainability and Circular Economy
The aim was to present the impact achieved by the ongoing projects and to identify the ways to maximise the benefits of project clusters.  The EU is funding the SPIRE cPPP to renew the process industry, improving its competitiveness and making it more energy efficient and sustainable. The initiative will strongly support the achievements of the goals set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy.  Impact Workshop's presentations are available here.

Furthermore, on 20 April, the SPIRE Association (A.SPIRE) organised the SPIRE projects' conference to disseminate objectives and targets of the current SPIRE projects to the broad audience of SPIRE members, the European Commission, supporters, partners and other stakeholders and to discuss possible synergies and actions that can support the projects.

Strategic Clusters for the SPIRE programme for 2018-2020
A.SPIRE is preparing its strategic discussion with the European Commission about the SPIRE work programme 2018-2020.  A.SPIRE hosted a Community Day in February 2016 allowing for an open discussion on the hottest topics of the industrial research & innovation agendas.
Based on this input and considering the gaps identified by the Gap Analysis document, 20 strategic clusters have emerged, grouping a variety of perspectives and potential focus  areas  for the next Horizon2020 calls. A consultation on these clusters has been launched within the SPIRE community by email. Feedback is expected by May 20th at

These strategic clusters will be the basis for detailed discussions within the SPIRE Working Groups over summer and during the autumn of this year in order to be able to come up with interesting ideas for the next SPIRE Work Programme. 

More info on precise steps & actions will come directly through the A.SPIRE office! 
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In May 2016, the following organisations joined A.SPIRE:  

We warmly welcome them and hope that their  contribution will make our PPP even stronger.  

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