Somerville Reads Programming Schedule Announced 
The 2017 Somerville Reads program officially begins on Monday, September 18th with What's Your Superpower?, a comic workshop led by local award-winning cartoonist Jef Czekaj . The event will start at 6:30 PM at the Central Library.
This year's program will offer the public an opportunity  to learn more about graphic novels, comics, and the Deaf community, and connect with other people through classes, discussions, and more.
Jef Czekaj (photo courtesy of Jacy Edelman)

Copies of the the book are still available to check out at all Somerville Public Library locations and via the Library's online catalog. We encourage everyone to read the book between now and the end of the Somerville Reads initiative in mid-October to join in the fun.

To see the full list of Somerville Reads events, please  visit   our Somerville Reads page

For more information about the Somerville Reads program, please contact Julie at 617.623.5000 ext. 2955 or
Deputy Director Cathy Piantigini checking out a book at Art Beat
SPL Launches Pop-Up Library!

Y ou might have noticed us out and about in the last couple months. That's because we rolled out our new pop-up library (or mobile library) at Art Beat in July and National Night Out in August. 

The pop-up library allows us to register people for a library card and circulate books and other items from anywhere.

Look for the pop-up library at future city and civic events, including the Fluff Festival on September 23rd (check out your copy of Mimi Graney's Fluff: the Sticky Sweet Story of an American Icon!),  Tufts Community Day on September 24th, and at area parks, playgrounds, and farmer's markets.
Christina, Patty, Wendy, Weini
Staff Spotlight: Tech Services and Business Office Staff

We are happy to feature staff from Tech Services and the Business Office this month! While these folks aren't seen too often, the basement area where they work is where a lot of the library action occurs. This important team is responsible for the processing of all library business transactions, as well as cataloging and processing books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials for all library locations . They have been especially busy since the beginning of the new fiscal year, making sure that all of our new materials make it to the library shelves--and you--as soon as possible.

Together, this team has over 100 years of service at the Somerville Public Library! They have seen many changes over the years and have helped not only with our collection of traditional materials, but with the start-up of many other items as well: from VHS and cassette tapes in the eighties to guitars and telescopes today (see more about our non-traditional collections below)!

Each of them brings unique interests and experiences to the Library, which include photography, writing, cooking, traveling, and more! Next time you see one of them at Circulation or in the Teen or Children's Room, be sure to say hello!

Learn more about our Tech Services and Business Office staff and r ead more about their SPL memories in  this month's Meet the Staff blog post!
Adult Recommendations 
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Alison at the West Branch and Cassie from the West Branch/Central Library.
A Cameroonian immigrant is the personal chauffeur for a Lehman Brothers executive on the eve of the 2008 Great Recession.  With very different lives and backgrounds, the two men find themselves contemplating careers, marriage, parenthood, immigration and truth.
Recommended by Alison 
Behold the Dreamers Book Cover
JJ Ferguson returns to his hometown in North Carolina to build a mansion in hopes of wooing his (now married) high-school girlfriend back. His return excites and intrigues everyone in town. This novel brings us new characters while drawing on the familiar themes found in the classic The Great Gatsby.
Recommended by Cassie
No One is Coming to Save Us Link
Good Clean Food by Lily Kunin
From the woman behind the Instagram account @cleanfooddirtycity, this cookbook offers simple, delicious plant-based recipes.
Recommended by Alison
Good Clean Food Book Cover
In this extraordinary true story, twenty-year-old Christopher Knight leaves his home in Massachusetts and heads into the Maine woods to live on his own for nearly thirty years. 
Recommended by Cassie
The Stranger in the Woods Book Cover

Still looking for more? See the Staff Picks page! 
YA (Young Adult) Recommendations
This issue's YA recommendations come from four guest reviewers (and library patrons) in their teens. 
The book was very fun to read, and the plot was very exciting. The characters were interesting, and the story was awesome.

Recommended by Sandra
Braced Book Cover
It's a good book about three brothers who have to live together after their parents die. All of a sudden a brother goes bad.
Recommended by Suchita
Miracle_s Boys Book Cover
The book combines two stories. One story is about a boy who lives in South Sudan, where there is a war. The second story follows a girl named Nya who walks everyday to get water for her family.
Recommended by Samese
A Long Walk to Water Book Cover
It's a fantastic series, and I really enjoyed it so far. I'm still finishing it and recommend it to other manga readers.
Recommended by Alina
Ouron High School Host Club Book Cover

Looking for a couple extra recommendations? Check out our YA Staff Picks  from Ron and Ellen! 
Children's Recommendations
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Alison at the West Branch Library and Karen of the Children's Room at the Central Library.
The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson
A group of animals hear something scary coming from a burrow. What is it?  The answer will surprise everyone! While this  book  may seem simple at first, it has some great vocabulary and illustrations that lend themselves to discussion. The Giant Jumperee was a huge hit at storytime!
Recommended by Alison

The Giant Jumperee Book Cover
A good book for those who love Mo Willems, Bark, George features a dog that can't bark. When asked by his mother to bark, he instead "oinks" and "meows." The book is great for young readers and offers a surprise ending!
Recommended by Karen
Bark_ George Book Cover
The Great Treehouse War by Lisa Graff
Winnie's parents are divorced; she lives three days a week with her mom, three days a week with her dad, and spends Wednesdays in a tree house that straddles her parents' backyards. When Winnie's parents become too difficult for her to deal with, she moves into the treehouse full time as a way to make them come to their senses.  But the resolution is not as simple as Winnie hoped it would be. Working with her friends (who add commentary throughout the  book ), Winnie and her parents finally come to an understanding. This  book  was highly recommended by Katherine, age 11.
Recommended by Alison
The Great Treehouse War Book Cover
Jackson Greene is heavily involved in everything at his middle school--student council elections, the school newspaper, the sports teams, the cafeteria gossip. He's also trying to reform himself after a prank gone wrong. However, when he finds out who's running for student council president, he knows he has to do something to make sure the right candidate wins.
book  was highly recommended by a middle-school boy who didn't expect to find any good  books  at the library (which is one of the best recommendations we can think of!)
Recommended by Alison
Great Greene Heist Book Cover
Library of Things
While we definitely love our books, movies, and CDs, we also love being able to offer Somerville residents the opportunity to check out items from  our non-traditional collection, or our "Library of Things."
This collection now contains a telescopeguitars, toys,  a birding kita drum, and  more.
This summer, The Boston Globe even published an article about our non-traditional collections, as well as those found elsewhere.
For more information about our "Library of Things," please call 617-623-5000 ext. 2900 or e-mail
Launchpad in use
Launch Pads and iPads Now Available

Have you been thinking about buying a tablet or an e-reader? Why not try one out before you buy one?

iPads can be found at the Reference Desk at the Central Library. Somerville residents are able to check them out for at-home use (residents must be over 18 or have a parent or guardian sign).

We now also offer Launchpads, tablets for kids that come pre-loaded with educational games and applications. You can choose between Launchpads for 3-5 year-olds or 5-7-year-olds. Launchpads are available for in-library use at the Central Library and check out at the West Branch Library.

For more information regarding our iPads or Launchpads, please contact Tim at 617-623-5000 ext. 2963 or
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