Happy Mother's Day
from SPN Herbs!
"Check out our Mother's Day special"
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Come taste and learn how to prepare delicious healing foods for your health...
Thursdays Between 5 pm and 7 pm. Times subject to change. Please sign up for class.

              Come join us in the mornings

                 *between 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

               *Call to sign up-770-507-2555
Stretching before our walk  at SPN HERBS.
Healthy vegetable smoothie and juice. Selective focus
We have fresh"Arden Garden Juices" available right now! Bob Marley drinks and Alkaline water are also available right now!  Our juice bar will be open soon served by Yolanda. Stay tune for her specials... Come on in now and try her samples.

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Hours of operation:
Mon.,Tues.,Thurs.,& Friday's
10-6:30 pm

Saturday,  09:30 -5:30 pm. Sunday's by appt's only.
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Mother's Day Special
90 min. massage with foot scrub and warm stones all for just $80.

Interesting Thought: Increasing the body temperature stimulates the circulation of the blood and lymph glands. Whenever this takes place, it now causes an increase in the delivery of nutrition and the removal of metabolic waste from the cells. Among many benefits, it allows for clearer, younger and healthier skin that will now help to promote new tissue growth.
Foot Scrub- regular scrubs helps to remove calluses/dead skin build- up and more...