April 2018 Spotlight
 Photo by David Verberckt, from "Waiting for the Rain"
Dear Spotlight Readers:

At last! Proofs are approved and the Women' Issue of ZEKE will be on press shortly. While we always believe that each issue of ZEKE is better than the previous one, this one is truly exceptional. Not only because of the extraordinary photography and writing but also because we were challenged to reach beyond our comfort zone to bring in diverse views from a wider range of photographers and writers.
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Lastly, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the big picture. Everything we do with SDN and ZEKE is an effort to use the visual language of photography to explore and bring greater awareness to important social issues. Thank you for joining us in this journey.

Glenn Ruga 
SDN Founder & Director     

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April 2018 Spotlight

Featured exhibits submitted to SDN

Edward Boches
Seeking Glory>>
by Edward Boches/ United States

Fame, success and even self-respect can be elusive goals for many young men and women who grow up in the inner city. But the boxing gym, as it has for decades, promises a way up for some and a way out for others. It offers young boxers a home where they find support and community. It builds character...

Fallout: A Photo Essay of American Cold War Era Fallout Shelters>>
by Jeanine Michna-Bales/ United States

A photographic survey of Cold War era fallout shelters that were built throughout the United States in the 1950s and 60s.

Beccy Strong
Wilde Blood>>
by Beccy Strong/ United Kingdom

Wilde Blood is both a document of childhood and at the same time a constructed psychological fiction, as much about my son (on the brink of adolescence) and our family relationships, as it is a reflection of my own fear of loss and change...

Casey Atkins
Women's Worth>>
by Casey Atkins/ Nicaragua

In the male-dominated society of Nicaragua, it can be difficult for a woman to advance on her own. Many low-income women have taken to starting businesses in the informal economy as a means of gaining some autonomy. The majority of these businesses revolve around food production. Women...

Steven Edson
March for Our Lives: Boston>>
by Steven Edson/ United States

March for Our Lives in Boston, March 24, 2018. These photographs highlight the activism by students and concerned citizens who organized a worldwide protest and march against assault rifles, guns in schools and the power of the NRA to inflict...

Abortion Access in Nepal>>
by Tara Todras-Whitehill/ Nepal

Nepal legalized abortion 15 years ago, and public and private facilities have been set up to provide the procedure. However, because of issues like stigma, lack of education, and distrust of government facilities, most women don't ask important questions of the health care providers...

Rebuild Center, New Orleans, LA>>
by Frank Coco/ United States

The Rebuild Center in New Orleans is a place where homeless people and transients can obtain services that are often difficult for them to obtain. Some of these services are a mailing address, medical assistance, prescription drug assistance, and counseling. A free hot lunch is served Monday through...

The Time I Have Left>>
by Constanza Hevia H./ Chile

"The witches have said I will live a long time. I have till the year 2013 or 2014. I will live 108, 109, 110 years. I still have a lot to do, a lot ahead... I am a little tired sometimes." Hugo Küschel, August 8th, 2017. The Time I Have Left is a documentary project about...

People's Rally Against Gun Violence / Drain the NRA, Los Angeles, Parkland +5 Days>>
by Rusty Leffel/ United States

America is angry about gun violence. Just five days after seventeen students and staff were  murdered in Parkland, Florida, over 500 people gathered on President's Day, 2/19/2018, at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles for a "People's Rally Against Gun Violence"...

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