Judith Nicholls


Artist's Statement

My focus is on nature photography, most often flowers and landscapes. I also have an interest in old things, especially farm equipment and old buildings. I live in Wimberley, Texas, in the Hill Country, and travel widely in the U.S. in a small motorhome.

I have been taking pictures all my adult life but mostly vacation and travel photography. At one point my husband and I owned a travel agency and I built a very early rather popular travel agency website. One of the main draws for that website was pictures of and commentary about travel destinations.

It was after I retired that I changed my focus from documentary photography to art photography and started showing and selling my work.

I do not believe that the camera captures what I see, so I post process my images to make them look like what I saw, or what I wish I had seen, and to focus the attention of the viewer on what I want to show.

I have also concluded that photographs do not represent reality, as many people claim. It is impossible because current digital cameras nor film are capable of recording the dynamic range that our eyes can see. Hence some of the "modern" techniques to manipulate photos are aimed at increasing the apparent dynamic range. But furthermore, my goal is to enhance reality in order to communicate, to make the pictures look more like what I saw, or maybe what I would like to have seen.

General Motors Truck
Miss Lori Dawn
Driftwood Store
Mission Espiritu Santo
Judith's Photography may be seen at the following galleries:
Art on 12, Wimberley
Bent Tree Gallery, Wimberley
New Braunfels Art League Gallery, New Braunfels

Judith is a member of:
New Braunfels Art League
Wimberley Valley Art League

Contact Information
Judith Nicholls
Wimberley, Texas